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Images used with permission from Shutterstock Over the last week, I have been obsessed with the synergistic synthesis of classical music and electronic dance music—dubstep in particular—in the form of violinist Lindsey Stirling. Her music paints pictures, which is no surprise, considering Stirling writes, choreographs, directs and dances in the YouTube videos for all of her songs. Having discovered her songs before her videos, what immediately intrigued me was the classic... [Read more]
Whether or not it seals Katy Perry’s reputation as the Queen of Pop or just signals the increased buying power of teenage girls is irrelevant. The fact is that the 26-year-old Katy Perry has tied the then 29-year-old Michael Jackson for number one Billboard singles off of one album with five from Teenage Dream. Jackson achieved the feat in 1987, surprisingly not with Thriller but with Bad. Jackson purists may argue that Perry is a talentless hack who had a leg up because of the Internet... [Read more]

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