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The Weekly Toast 2/3/12

February 3, 2012
THIS WEEK: Material girlz...Homerleaks...prison rules... • Madonna took the whole Super Bowl thing quite literally in this video for the first single from her new album. Doing things like using her Super Bowl money to hire two of the biggest hype women in the game is why Madonna is still relevant. • Lizzie Grant a.k.a. Lana Del Rey put all the haters to rest by topping the iTunes charts with her debut album Born to Die. • All in the same week reports came in that future Hall of Fame q... [Read more]

Simpsons vs. Fox

August 7, 2011
The cast of The Simpsons dodged a bullet this week when they agreed to a 30% pay cut to keep the show, and their jobs, off the cutting room floor. The cast initially balked at Fox’s original request for a 45% cut which would have brought down their $400,000-a-show yearly income to around $4 million per season—not enough to push anyone out onto the street but not something anyone would be eager to agree to either. Harry Shearer, the voice of Mr. Burns, Smithers and Flanders, offered... [Read more]

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