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Miley Cyrus' recent episode of SNL began with the obligatory acknowledgement of what makes her relevant enough to host the show: her teddy-bear-, tongue-, and twerk-tastic performance on the MTV Video Music Awards and the outrage that followed. In a post-apocalyptic vision, the incident is compared to the government shutdown and the advent of Obamacare, which we wish were much more significant than a pop star's televised gyrations, but that's another discussion altogether. All is not lost But ... [Read more]

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What's that about the White Stripes...? Jack White murdered his first solo appearance in support of his forthcoming album Blunderbuss. The album comes out on April 24th. I don't know what he's muttering about lipstick, eyeliner and saltine crackers but it sounds eeevil: Sixteen Saltines

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