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Miley Cyrus' recent episode of SNL began with the obligatory acknowledgement of what makes her relevant enough to host the show: her teddy-bear-, tongue-, and twerk-tastic performance on the MTV Video Music Awards and the outrage that followed. In a post-apocalyptic vision, the incident is compared to the government shutdown and the advent of Obamacare, which we wish were much more significant than a pop star's televised gyrations, but that's another discussion altogether. All is not lost But ... [Read more]

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While the nation’s unemployment rate is hovering around 8.3 percent and slowly dropping, a certain Indianapolis Colts quarterback recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, reversing the trend. The Colts decided they didn’t want to hold on to Peyton Manning, instead focusing on rebuilding with either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III at quarterback. According to the Colts owner, the blue-collar Jim Irsay who flies around in his private Jet, (hmmmm Jets?) the $28 million bonus Manning was due... [Read more]

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What's that about the White Stripes...? Jack White murdered his first solo appearance in support of his forthcoming album Blunderbuss. The album comes out on April 24th. I don't know what he's muttering about lipstick, eyeliner and saltine crackers but it sounds eeevil: Sixteen Saltines

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