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Every year there are a batch of movies that look so garish, far-fetched and expensive that you wonder who greenlighted them and how is their job at Kinko’s going now that their films have flopped at the box office. Still, every year they get made and every year we’re subjected to their hideous advertising campaigns and the unintentionally hilarious trailers that belch forth onto our eyeballs. 2013 is no different. Who knows, maybe behind the outlandish absurdity contained within each of these... [Read more]

New Music: Grimes

March 2, 2012
If you haven’t been to Canada lately it’s time to re-up your passport and take a roadtrip to the nearest high security checkpoint for a visit to the world’s second largest country (by total area). For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Canada is America’s safer, friendlier, more socialist neighbor with better health insurance and increasingly better music. Not only did a Canadian band win last year’s Grammy Award for Album of the Year, but they actually just look like they’re having a “... [Read more]

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