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Indie Film Diary: Marketing

August 16, 2013
In the wake of the massive amount of hype surrounding the rise of crowd funding for independent films, it’s easy to forget that for every major Hollywood project that gets gobs of press because Zach Braff, Bret Easton Ellis or Spike Lee is affiliated with it, there are thousands of minor players grinding it out in the trenches of Facebook and other social media trying to make a dent in the collective conscience. While swamped in the minutiae of production, rehearsals, rewrites, scheduling and f... [Read more]

Good Craic, Sinéad?

December 31, 2011
Above: Sinéad signs the register while Barry checks his i-Pad Forget Kim Kardashian's fake life. Something infinitely terribler recently happened in Las Vegas: Sinéad O' Connor. That's right, the shaven-headed Irish antagonist has been up to her dodgy shenanigans again. This time she's involved in what is surely the most interesting (for an even shorter span than the marriage lasted) divorce of 2011, when she tied the slipknot with drug counsellor Barry Herridge. O' Connor said that being... [Read more]