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The immense success of Harry Potter has not only produced its own theme park, eleven video games, hilarious theatrical spin-offs, an intense fandom, the highest-grossing film series ever, and a brand worth over $15 billion, but it’s even inspired its own musical genre. Say what you will about J.K. Rowling, but that is some serious staying power. Alluding to various aspects of the books, wizard rock, or wrock, sings of bizarre creatures and is often lyrically comedic, which satisfies both my lite... [Read more]

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Daniel Radcliffe is at it again. You've got to believe that this young man never has to work again after starring in 8 Harry Potter films. But that wildly successful franchise is not enough for this ambitious young Brit. He has shown again and again that he is more than The Boy Who Lived; he is an actor, and a committed one at that. Since beginning his time as Harry Potter, he has appeared in other films like the horror flick The Woman in Black, the Allen Ginsburg biopic Kill Your Darlings, and ... [Read more]
Harry Potter fans (Is there a name for them? I'm one of them, so you'd think I'd know. Um...Potheads?) are buzzing about the most recent additions to the empire of The Boy Who Lived, most recently the announcements of an expansion to the Orlando Theme Park and a forthcoming stage play based on Harry's childhood before heading to Hogwarts. If you're like me, you're probably thinking that after such epic book and film series, an entire play about Harry's life under the stairs is bound to pale in c... [Read more]

The Weekly Toast 11/25/11

November 25, 2011
THIS WEEK: Jagger’s little secret…the holiday spirit rears its ugly head…rise of the bunnymen… • The Rolling Stones inched one step closer to reuniting for a 50th anniversary tour when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards agreed to meet to iron out the wrinkles that surfaced when Richards openly discussed Jagger’s Little Red Rooster in his bestselling autobiography. • A member of the University of York’s Department of Archeology argued that graffiti produced by the Sex Pistols John Lydon deserved ... [Read more]
The end of the Harry Potter saga is creeping up on us. This July 15th we’ll see Harry and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named face off for the last time in the epic climax to the impeccably made series. This clip contains behind the scenes footage and scenes from the Gringotts Bank heist (and a spoiler, be forewarned!).