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The cards are dealt, the die is cast, the end is nigh. Walter White is dead, long live Heisenberg. The “Cough Theory” advanced by Andrew Romano over at the Daily Beast feasibly depicted the death of W.W. in three stages. First, his money will never reach his family. Saul explained that Walt would never be able to get his family any of the funds he worked so hard to secure for them, the way Mike couldn’t before he was unceremoniously sent off to Belize, not that the Whites would necessarily w... [Read more]
On August 11 the first of the last eight episodes of America’s most addictive television series premieres on AMC and viewers will finally get to find out what happened following Hank’s epic info dump at the end of the mid-Season 5 finale. At the very beginning of Season 5 in one of Breaking Bad’s classic flash-forwards, we were treated to a vision of Walt with a full head of hair and a fake name, a fraudulent ID and no wedding ring exchanging an envelope full of cash for an M60 machine gun capa... [Read more]