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Summer’s almost here and that means that Hollywood’s stable of Summer Movie Blockbusters is about to invade your commercial airspace. Aside from the screwball comedies, sequels and reboots that we’re accustomed to, from the whimsy of Men in Black 3 to the crowd-pleasing super hero ensemble vehicle The Avengers, there are five capital “F” Films that break the mold of the usual Hollywood fare. As clichéd as they may sound on paper—a sequel, a prequel and a reboot among them—these Films feature t... [Read more]

The Weekly Toast 12/16/11

December 16, 2011
THIS WEEK: Damon FAIL…Sheen FAIL…Jagger FAIL… • Christian Bale was rough-housed by plain clothes Chinese police after attempting to visit a controversial Chinese lawyer who was under house arrest. Bale claimed he just wanted to shake the man’s hand. He happened to have a CNN camera crew in tow for the potential handshake. • Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel brought out the ugly side of kids with crappy gifts. Read more...

Flowers of War

October 21, 2011
It’s hard to say whether we’ll be seeing more films like this with China’s economy headed down the same sinkhole as our own, but Flowers of War is the most expensive Chinese film ever produced and it stars American actor Christian Bale. At a staggering $90 million, famed director Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers) is tackling the dreadful Rape of Nanking. Bale plays an American priest who risks his life to shelter prostitutes and children during the Japanese invasion... [Read more]

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