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table.onsalesTable {border-collapse: collapse; width="100%";} td {padding-top:.5em; padding-bottom:.5em} td.eventName {font-weight:bold;} h4 {text-align:left} p { margin-top:1em; margin-bottom:1em } Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. For tickets to these and more events, head over to Ticket Liquidator. Event Date Cities Jason Aldean Friday, 2/14/14 Atlanta, GA; Cleveland, OH; Orange Beach, AL; Morrison, CO Jimmy Buffett Friday, 2/14/14 Virg... [Read more]

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The Boss never stopped putting out good, new music at fairly regular intervals, and most of his studio releases have made it to #1 on the pop charts, with the exception of the underrated 1995 THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD which only made it to #11 ("only" being a term that applies because we're talking about Springsteen). 2012's WRECKING BALL was good. HIGH HOPES is even better. [Read more]
Today, while hiding in a stock room reading a copy of Grey's Anatomy, I got to pondering celebrity body parts. No, not like that, take your mind out of the gutter, Toastie. I mean iconic body parts, like Kirk (and Michael) Douglas's dimple, Carl Malden's famous "ass nose", Stephen Hawking's prosthetic larynx, and Shirley Temple's precious curls. I began wondering how today's celebrities would look if they had a couple of iconic celebrity body parts attached to them. After about oh, half a second... [Read more]

Springsteen on Fallon

March 8, 2012
It’s easy to forget that Bruce Springsteen is a regular person and not a large bust chiseled on the side of a rock and roll Mount Rushmore after umpteen years on the road and a litany of classics that we all somehow know the choruses to, but during his visit with Jimmy Fallon this week The Boss told stories about life on the road and came across as a generally likeable guy from the neighborhood who just happens to hang out with one of the Sopranos. In part one of the interview, Jimmy and Bruce ... [Read more]

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