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First off, regarding the Oscars, David Fincher said it best in the first line of his unused acceptance speech for Social Network: "We've finally answered the question, 'Apples or oranges?’” Joaquin Phoenix echoed Fincher during his recent Oscar rant in Interview magazine when he said: "I'm just saying that I think it's bullsh*t. I think it's total, utter bullsh*t, and I don't want to be a part of it. I don't believe in it. It's a carrot, but it's the worst-tasting carrot I've ever tasted in my ... [Read more]
(1) Multi-platinum recording artists have feelings, too. Just because artists like Britney Spears and Master P have millions of dollars, doesn't mean they don't feel the sting when people illegally share their music. Next time you don't pay for one of their albums, just remember that you are the reason that Lars Ulrich will have to wait a few months before he can afford that gold-plated shark-tank bar for his swimming pool. Shame. | Episode #105: Christian Rock Hard (Season 7, Episode 9) (2) It... [Read more]

Whitey Bulger

October 26, 2011
Following recent events in which criminal mastermind and Boston native Whitey Bulger was discovered after 16 years on the run outside his apartment in sunny Santa Monica, California, fellow Bostonians Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have announced that they are getting the team back together for a biopic about Bulger’s life. Bulger was disturbingly portrayed by Jack Nicolson in Martin Scorsese’s 2006 Oscar-winner The Departed, a performance that makes more sense in light of his real life... [Read more]

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