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In the wake of the Rotten Tomatoes fan-boy community tongue-lashing given to negative reviews posted about The Dark Knight Rises, the site’s Editor-in-Chief Matt Atchity made the bold decision to disable comment posting altogether for the film and alluded to discontinuing anonymity on the website, disallowing comments before a movie opens and moderating all dialogue on the site, essentially abolishing all the things that make the site fun. The backlash started when the first negative review pos... [Read more]
Summer’s almost here and that means that Hollywood’s stable of Summer Movie Blockbusters is about to invade your commercial airspace. Aside from the screwball comedies, sequels and reboots that we’re accustomed to, from the whimsy of Men in Black 3 to the crowd-pleasing super hero ensemble vehicle The Avengers, there are five capital “F” Films that break the mold of the usual Hollywood fare. As clichéd as they may sound on paper—a sequel, a prequel and a reboot among them—these Films feature t... [Read more]
Speculation over the third film in Director Christopher Nolan’s hugely popular and critically acclaimed Batman series began early on with rumors about what characters would appear and who would be cast in the classic roles. Early guesses pointed to Johnny Depp as the Riddler but scant details surfaced until Anne Hathaway was cast as Catwoman and Inception’s Tom Hardy as the villain Bane. Nolan’s sets and production details are notoriously secretive but this week a legitimate-lo... [Read more]

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