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For those of you who actually go out on Saturday nights instead of sitting in alone, watching TV with your arm elbow-deep in a bag of Doritos, catch up on the latest SNL spoof that's trending across the country. Everyone loves a playful jab at Disney now and again. Former WWE-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson makes a beautiful Bambi, don't you think?


According to the 2015 calendar, it's officially Spring, but according to the New England weather, Mother Nature is in no rush to dismiss the freezing cold temps and bring in the warm, radiant sunshine. The newly extended hours of sunlight has me pumped for t-shirt and flip-flop weather -- sunny days to roll down the windows and drive around scenic back roads blasting country music from the radio. One of my personal favorite artists to play is Luke Bryan, because not only is he talented, but he is sweet, goofy, and has a killer smile. Here are some of my top Luke Bryan picks that you’ll most likely catch me singing at the top of my lungs, and that I can’t wait to hear him sing live this summer!

1. "Country Man"
I'll Stay Me (2007)

In March of 2008, “Country Man” was Luke Bryan’s 3rd single released from his debut album, I’ll Stay Me. In this very upbeat and catchy song, Bryan humorously describes the attributes of a “country” man, indicating that they have more significant qualities than that of a city boy. The video for the song is fun and gives fans a glimpse of Luke Bryan’s goofy, laid-back personality and his life on the road as a musician.


18 years ago this month, U2 released their most ambitious album still to date -- Pop. Improperly billed as a dance album in the months leading up to March 1997, Pop never really got a fair shake. Of course since it's a U2 album, it went to No. 1, and the album does feature the band's last top 10 hit in the U.S. ("Discotheque").

Still, Pop is underappreciated in the general public, by U2 fans and by U2 themselves. In U2's three subsequent tours since PopMart, they've seemingly neglected the album in their setlists. That could change on the iNNOCENCE+eXPERIENCE Tour -- and it won't be a shock if U2 dust off "Mofo" this summer.

Songs of Innocence is a callback to U2's past. "Iris (Hold Me Close)" was written about Bono's late mother, Iris, who died when he was just a teen. "Mofo" fits the theme, and is one of U2's best songs, period -- but unless you're a militant U2 fan, you're likely unfamiliar. "Mofo" opened each PopMart concert and hasn't been played since, though U2 did soundcheck the song often on the third leg of the Vertigo Tour, but ultimately didn't add it to the setlist.



Bored with running? Is the gym just not cutting it for you? Carson Dean recently showed the world that treadmill choreography is the best kind of postmodern exercise. Don't believe me? Just watch.


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First Day of Spring

Despite it being the first day of spring, today looks nothing like the picture above. There's weird stuff going on in the sky and a random snow storm here in the Northeast, making it feel like December once again instead of mid-March. "When will this madness end?!" you yell to the clouds overhead. Unfortunately, I don't know, but I do have a few suggestions to make this vernal equinox a bit more fun.


The first day of spring kicked off with a total solar eclipse, but was unfortunately only visible to those in the Faroe Islands. A partial eclipse was seen by many in Europe however, and stunning videos of the changing sky have been taken by people around the world. If you missed out, the U.S. will have its turn to witness this rare event in about two years. According to NASA, the next solar eclipse visible to Americans will take place on August 21, 2017. Astronomers are already getting excited. For now though, you can gaze at tonight's supermoon. It will reach perigee, the point where it is closest to the Earth, this evening, and hopefully it won't be too cold outside to go take a gander.


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St. Patty's Day

1.) Plant something! - Give your green thumb some exercise before (or while) you start drinking today. Spring officially begins this Friday and it needs some color! Get your garden or raised beds ready for the growing season while enjoying the temperate-ish weather. Check out a March seed calendar to see what plants can withstand the last of the cold before the warmth comes to stay.

2.) Recycle those beer bottles! - If you're having a house party tonight, it's likely you'll have a decent number of empty beer bottles to clean up in the morning. Collect them all neatly and take them to your nearest recycling location. If you live in a state that gives monetary refunds, you'll be surprised at how quickly those five and ten cent deposits add up. An alternative option is to upcycle bottles into candles, lamps, or even xylophones (see here).


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It's mid-March, and the NCAA madness has begun. Even though you're probably getting excited to root on your alma mater, as John Oliver notes, the games are so full of product placement and branding that the only thing left to be sponsored are the sponsorships themselves.

Despite college coaches getting paid millions while the hard-working athletes are getting paid nothing, the games are undeniably exciting, especially if you bet money on them. For more upcoming events to get the spring season rolling (only five more days!), check out the following tickets going on sale this week:

Mayweather vs PacquiaoDespite the unprecedented demand for Mayweather vs Pacquiao tickets, the $6,072 the average ticket price could end up being lower than for the 2014 World Cup Final in Brazil.

The upcoming Mayweather vs. Pacquiao megafight has been labeled the fight of the decade and looks to be one of the most anticipated sporting events in recent memory, expected to generate approximately $400 million total. But as sought-after as fight tickets have been, it could still end up being the second-most expensive sporting event ticket of the past decade. The average price fans have been willing to spend has been neck and neck with the 2014 World Cup Final.

based on what has sold so far, the average ticket price for Mayweather vs Pacquiao on Ticket Liquidator's exchange is $6,072, based on more than 150 orders, compared with $6,035 for the 2014 World Cup Final in Brazil. There is still a month left, so the average ticket price will fluctuate. This is based on ticket sales as of March 13; as the fight gets closer and demand ratchets up, we're expecting the average ticket price paid to increase. We'll have to wait until fight night to see if the final average ticket price ends up being the most expensive ever.


South By Southwest is one of the most dynamic and overwhelming festivals around. With a seemingly infinite number of events to choose from, planning can take a lot of time and effort. We've narrowed down some of the best Austin has to offer over the next week, so make sure to check out the following fun activities if you're braving the 2015 SXSW crowd:


1.) Flying cars – Companies like Ford, Hyundai, and Chrysler will be promoting their latest technology at the Connected Car Council pavilion on Sunday, 3/15. More interesting, however, will be Aeromobil’s presentation, a Slovakian automaker who will elaborate on their flying car prototypes. The session will include discussions on the future of transportation, challenging attendees to re-think modes of travel.

2.) Robot petting zoo – This new exhibit showcases and allows spectators to interact with new robotic technology, much of which is being used to help disaster spots around the world. These tech-gadgets include drones that can 3D print whilst flying, human-like robots, and prototypes of a new Ebola-fighting suit that will better protect healthcare workers. SXSW-goers will be able to operate and learn more about these state-of-the-art tools from Sunday, 3/15 – Tuesday, 3/17.


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