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I don't watch much TV, or follow any reality or competition-based shows for that matter, but I've been hearing a lot about The Voice lately and decided to find out what it's all about. I've seen commercials every now and then for the show, and all I've gathered from them are 1: it's a singing competition kind of show, 2: Blake Shelton is some kind of "judge" on it, and 3: the celebrity "judges" are in spinny chairs. I'll admit I'm a little biased because I can't sing myself, so I tend to find singing related shows to be boring and there are so many of them these days... American Idol was cool to watch maybe once or twice, mainly for the auditions, but now I'm over it. However, from what it sounds, The Voice is a unique singing competition, and has developed a huge fan base. If you're like me and are a little curious about The Voice and if you've been missing anything, I've done the research for you. Oh, and by the way, it's on its sixth season, SIX! Where have I been...

A Quick Synopsis of The Voice and What You're Missing

  • Vocalists from across the country come together to compete in a competition
  • There are 4 stages in the competition: Blind auditions, Battle rounds, Knockouts, and Live performances
  • Blind auditions: 4 celebrity musicians act as coaches and judge each singer based on their voice and not their looks, hence the rotating chairs. The coaches are faced away, and if they push their button, their chair rotates to the singer and they are selected to the coach's team. If more than one coach hits their button, the singer must choose whose team they want to be on.
  • Battle: During these rounds, the coaches pit 2 team members against each other to sing the same song together. The coaches then decide which singers advance to the next round. Out of the losing singers, a coach can steal them for their team, alotted two steals per coach.
  • Knockouts: Following the Battle rounds, the strongest members remain and the other singers are paired with a team member to compete against. Each singer selects their own song to perform at a time, and the coach chooses which singers will move on to the live shows.
  • Live performances: The top singers from each team compete against each other, and now it's time for the television audience to vote. The two singers with the lowest number of votes each week is sent home. The final winner is announced "The Voice" and the reward is a recording contract.

So there you have it. This year, The Voice will be going live on tour beginning in June. The tour will include three top singers from past seasons, and the three top singers of this season at the conclusion of season six in May.

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