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When I was a kid, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'm positive the answer wasn't "a web marketer." Mostly because the Internet wasn't exactly a thing then. But also because that's just not the type of answer you get from a kid. I have never heard a small child share, "I want to be an insurance adjuster!" or "I'm going to be a toll booth collector!" or "I want to be a civil engineer!" No, you're more likely to get "I want to be Spider-Man!"

Would You Like Fries with That?

The most common jobs in the US are not exactly topping the preschool set's list of ambitions. There may be a few that mull over "nurse" as an option. Considerably less come up with "material mover." Looking over the chart of the occupations that make up 21% of the jobs in our country, the toy cash register, phone, and stove my parents bought me seem like preparation for my future in the real world. You know, when I outgrew thinking being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune was an actual career.

Largest occupations in the US May 2012

I'm Going to Be Famous Someday

What if everyone became what they first wanted to be when they grew up? Our country would have a shortage of Taco Bell employees and an overabundance of Taylor Swifts. There would be plenty of fame and space travel, also a Batman in every city. We'd have our choice of about two dozen careers at most, and I don't know who would be doing our taxes. But there'd be no IRS to come after us, so no worries!

Largest occupations in the US if we all became what we wanted to be when we grew up

Don't Stop Believin'

'Tis the season for ambitious New Year's Resolutions. 2014 could be the time to follow a cherished childhood dream. We might have missed our window on the astronaut thing, but I hear Justin Bieber is retiring. Or not. Actually retired is my childhood aspiration to be a dinosaur trainer (presumably I'd be a scientist first). I saw Jurassic Park enough times to know that doesn't end well for anyone.

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