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The Crimes of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has begun the second part of the final chapter of the picaresque tale of Walter White and where his cancerous diagnosis has brought him. The penultimate season faces him against the DEA’s Assistant Special Agent in Charge, his brother in law. It would seem that Walter would have the support of his wife, Skyler, who nursed him in illness and even runs his car wash which assists in the cleaning and storing of his money but alas she despises him. It would seem Walter would at least have an ally in his cooking lackey, Jessie, who has been his business partner, taken Walter’s advice and disregarded life and law to protect Walter, but Jessie fears his onetime cohort and fatherish figure. 

Walter does have the respect of his son, Walt Jr., but can the respect that Walter paid for with expensive gifts weather the final zenith? It seems Walter’s lackadaisical handling of a gift, or was it hubristic sentiment, brings a family contention to a head. He has manipulated the sympathy of his sister in law, Marie, the caretaker of his children. Walter has also paid for the loyalty of his lawyer, Saul, but Saul has other customer loyalties and his own involvement to consider. Gus and Mike, former colleagues of Walter, can no longer come to his rescue. There is no question that Walter White will go down this season, the burning question is who will he take down with him and what can he leverage to escape: 

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