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The Dixie Chicks are going on tour again, after a long hiatus. So far, it's nine shows, all in Canadian cities, but there are rumors that more dates might be announced. I was talking about this with some friends and one of them said she'd never, ever go to a Dixie Chicks concert again. "I gave up on them after that whole thing with Toby Keith," she said. "If they come on the radio, I change the station."

Another friend disagreed. "I didn't like the way they handled that whole thing," she said, "but I love their music. I hope they add some shows near here. I'd go in a hot second."

I hadn't thought much about the whole Dixie Chicks / Toby Keith controversy in a long time (if you need a refresher, check out It made me think about whether or not I consider my personal principles in the context of entertainment. I mean, I like to think of myself as fairly principled. I've done a u-turn and made a passenger get out of my car and pick up some litter they tossed out the window. I've abruptly left a party because the host used the n-word. Heck, I even had a "Free Mr. Bates" bumper sticker on my car.

But when it comes to entertainers, I seem to give everyone a pass.

Entertainers I (apparently don't) love to hate:

  • I want to give Tom Cruise a good talking-too about couch jumping, post-partum depression and Wal-Mart. Listening to him in an interview makes me feel like I'm chewing on aluminum foil. And I will watch any movie he's in. Multiple times.
  • Loser
  • I have ended friendships over homophobia. I also think Eminem is brilliant. If Elton John can forgive him, so can I.
  • I'm pretty sure there was some smoke associated with the fire surrounding Michael Jackson, and I don't mean the time he set his hair ablaze. That said, I can't listen to his music without moving my feet. I'm looking for an excuse to go to Las Vegas, just so I can see the Cirque du Soleil show, "One."
  • I'm positive that if I spent any time around Ted Nugent, I'd say something that would result in me becoming the object of one of his bow hunts. But who doesn't love Cat Scratch Fever?
  • John Mayer has made verbal diarrhea, self-absorption and bad breakups into art forms. He's also featured highly on my Pandora play list.
  • Oh, and I still watch reruns of all those old Mel Gibson movies.

How about you? Is there any entertainer who's done something so heinous that you faithfully boycott his or her work?

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