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In light of the recent NSA* leaks regarding the PRISM and Boundless Informant programs, I’ve decided to come forward and detail our own secret technological advances in order to establish a more transparent and open society. Somewhat smaller in scope, our project was likely conceived in a fashion similar to the NSA’s total information awareness initiative (in a room, with chairs, and probably a table; we both used computers). While the NSA is pulling down billions of pieces of intelligence a month on a US taxpayer-sponsored budget of $20 million a year, marketing teams like our own are tasked with penetrating social networks, developing the soft sell and going viral. More Frankenstein than Big Brother, our own efforts in low budget animation and motion tracking led to the birth of the Live Toast.

Our first tests focused on figuring out the appropriate eyes and mouth to toast ratio to produce a plausible effect. The results were sufficiently amusing to move the project forward.

Next we wanted to add motion and separate foreground and background elements in order to create the illusion of depth.

During the “Bacon Plate Test” we encountered tracking issues with the eyes moving beyond the acceptable parameters but were able to refine the motion using Mocha for After Effects.

We also found it helpful to add markers to our actor’s face and stabilize his head during the performance.

The complete Live Toast library now lives on Ticket Liquidator’s YouTube page. Watch the best of Live Toast below.

*Live Toast is in no way affiliated with the NSA.

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