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Indie Film Diary: Production - Day 1

May 9, 2013

We packed the night before and hauled everything out to the set bright and early. We had scheduled several interviews for the day along with two scenes and had to test out the lights and build part of the set before the actors arrived at noon.

A fake wall was built over the bar’s entrance. Tea wasn’t strong enough to stain the wall paper but a brown sauce mixture proved effective.

The false wall was then adorned with molding, two sconces and a framed picture.

Terry Remeika and Brian Beirne play mother and son in Charlie Gorman's Wake.

We also set up a picture of an Irish exterior from county Kildare outside of Dublin. Charlie Starrs plays Father Ward in the film and is a founding member of the New Haven Gaelic Players with whom he has worked for over 45 years.

As the actors arrived they were sent outside for make up with Charlie's wife Margaret Starrs.

Aaron McNicholl hails all the way from Dungannon, Ireland and plays pub regular Mick Morris. This was our first shot of the day.

From left to right (clockwise): Key Grip Dave Schofield, Writer/Director Paul Pender, Script Supervisor Geoff Herpok and Director of Photography Simon O’Reilly.

Once the extras arrived it started to feel like a real scene.

Peter Lynch plays the title character Charlie Gorman. Beer continuity will make or break this film.

Actress and Co-Director Katie Morris prepares to dance a hornpipe, music courtesy of The Old Dublin session band.

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