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Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano has fired Scott Boras as his agent and signed with the newly-launched Roc Nation Sports, which was founded by Jay Z as a division of his Roc Nation and a partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Cano is expected to soon become the highest paid second baseman in MLB history. He is a four time All-Star and since 2005 leads all second basemen in hits, doubles and RBI. Cano is in the final year of a $57 million, six year contract he signed in 2008. Unless he is re-signed during the season, he will be a free agent and subject to much wooying.

Jay Z and Robinson Cano Jay Z and Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano sign the paperwork officially making Cano the first client of the newly formed Roc Nation Sports agency.

“At this point in my career, I am ready to take a more active role in my endeavors both on and off the field,” said Cano. “I am confident that the pairing of Roc Nation Sports and CAA Sports will be essential in helping me accomplish my short- and long-term goals. I am making this important decision now so I can keep my focus on helping the Yankees succeed in 2013, while minimizing any distractions for me and my teammates.”

According to Sports Illustrated's "The Strike Zone," the chances of Cano re-signing with the Yankees is much greater now, and while the Yankees were the favorites to get Cano back, they might be able to save a few dollars if he avoids the free agent market. Cano left Scott Boras after just over two years with the biggest sports agent in baseball who represents approximately 175 professional baseball players.

Shawn “JAY Z” Carter, who grew up in Brooklyn, is a well-known Yankees fan who is regularly seen at Yankee games, normally with a Yankees baseball cap.

“Because of my love of sports, it was a natural progression to form a company where we can help top athletes in various sports the same way we have been helping artists in the music industry for years,” Jay Z said.

Jay Z owns a minority share in the Nets, having paid a reported $4.5 million for his share, which he would have to sell if he becomes a basketball agent. Jay-Z also is part owner of the 40/40 Club, a chain of sports bars, as well as the clothing line Rocawear.

Jay Z is also currently on an American tour that takes him to some of the largest sports stadiums in the country, including Jay Z concerts at:

Juan Perez will serve as president of Roc Nation Sports, which is a partnership with CAA Sports, a division of Creative Artists Agency (CAA). By including sports starts under the Roc Nation umbrella, Jay Z and Co. can start to add further to the impressive collection of stars under their management. Roc Nation signed artists include J. Cole, Jay Electronica, Willow Smith and more. Roc Nation also manages Shakira, Kylie Minogue, M.I.A., Rihanna, Wale. While Roc Nation Sports looks to start with a baseball player, the plan is to include basketball and football players as well. Reports are that Jay Z will actually become a certified baseball sports agent, and could eventually expand his domain to other sports as well.

CAA was called the "the dominant sports agency in the United States" by the Sports Business Journal and manages athletes including David Bekham, Payton and Eli Manning, Derek Jeter, Dwayne Wade, Sidney Crosby. CAA even can list Yankee Stadium and the Pac 12 as a clients. CAA and Brodie Van Wagenen, who will represent Cano, have a track-record of having their clients resign long-term deals with their current teams. Van Wagenen counts Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman, among others, as clients. Van Wagenen's father-in-law was Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon. Ryan Braun, Andre Ethier, Roy Halladay, Buster Posey, Matt Cain, and Adam Jones are just some of the CAA clients that are signed with their current team for the majority of the remaining decade. Actors and directors represented include Jennifer Aniston, James Cameron, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Steven Spielberg and many more.

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