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Congratulations to Real Madrid on beating Catalonia's finest on their own doorstep this weekend in the race for the La Liga title! The Spanish "Super Clasico", as it is called, came at a tense time as the European football season nears its end. Barca have been unstoppable in all competitions for a long time now, but maybe, just maybe, Jose Mourinho and his merry men will take the championship this year. Madrid are seven points clear with three games remaining, and Lionel Messi disappeared down the tunnel at the end of the game like a weasel into its hole. All we need now is for Chelsea to knock Barcelona out of the UEFA Champions League this week, and then be hammered by Madrid in the final, and this Manchester United fan will be (almost) happy. Next week sees by far the biggest game in the English Premier League, when United go to Manchester City, with a narrow three-point margin separating the two, in United's favor. Oh, I love futbol. And that animated GIF is truly CLASSIC!


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