Fairs and festivals are the best way to soak up the sun while listening to many of your favorite artists live. A majority of music festivals occur in the summer, transforming fairgrounds and parks into dreamscapes for music fans. Live performances are the centerpiece but far from the only attraction at these festivals. Lines of food trucks offer a multicultural spread of delectable meals, exotic vendors offer unique merchandise and handcrafted goods, and lawn games create a fun diversion to let out your competitive side. Many fairs and festivals are annual, and some are organized as for-profit while others benefit specific causes.

      2018 Music Festivals


      Other popular music festivals include the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival held in Manchester, Tennessee. This festival is more camping-oriented, as it is over an extended weekend in a forested area of Tennessee. 2017's headliners include U2 and The Weeknd. Though festival goers do not have to camp out, it is a popular option. Tents and camp spaces are options while purchasing festival passes. The Bonnaroo crew focuses on using the forest scenery to their advantage, and it truly is a woodsy festival vibe brought to some of the biggest musical acts of today.

      In addition, Firefly Music Festival in Dover, MD is very similar. It also encourages camping due to its rural location. Firefly focuses on hearing from the festival's attendees when making decisions each year. Therefore, Firefly has grown a reputation as a "for the people" festival, incorporating the ideas and suggestions of those who actually attend before releasing the lineup or activities. 

      Boston Calling Music Festival

      Boston Calling is the Northeast's favorite music festival heading into the summer. It is a biannual, three-day festival in Boston. May and September are the spring and fall slots for Boston Calling. In previous years, performers included Sia, Mumford & Sons, and more. 2017's lineup shows Chance the Rapper and Bon Iver as two of the major headliners. Boston Calling incorporates the classic mix of musicians from indie to hip-hop. 

      CMA Music Festival

      The CMA Music Festival is country music' crowning jewel. Run by the same organization as the legendary CMA Awards, the CMA Music Festival celebrates the best in country music with a four-day festival in Nashville, TN. In 2017, the festival is at Nissan Stadium from Jun 8th to 11th. 

      Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

      Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival located in Indio, California, is arguably the most famous summer music festival in the country. It is a two-weekend event held in April. Therefore, it marks the start of the spring and summer music festivals. Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead are headling Coachella this year. Coachella also incorporates many indie and lesser known artists into the lineup. Coachella is known for its more expensive side of the hippie, laidback festival scene. Its iconic Ferris wheel and palm tree forefront with the mountainous background make it a beautiful location. 

      Electronic Dance Music Festivals

      Some of the most popular electronic music festivals include Ultra Music Festival and Electric Zoo. Both are popular EDM music festivals. Ultra Music Festival is early in late March of 2017. Ultra Music takes place in Miami's Bayfront Park Downtown, creating a gorgeous beachy backdrop for DJs and EDM artists alike.

      Electric Zoo, held in late summer, takes place in NYC on Randall's Island Park. It also hosts a wide range of EDM artists. Electric Zoo prides itself in its colorful, unique atmosphere. Therefore, you never known what neat activities or set ups you'll find at the Zoo. 

      Governors Ball

      Governors Ball in New York City, New York. It is the city's newer summer highlight. In 2017, Chance the Rapper is headlining along with many other incredible artists. It is located on Randall's Island Park, a small island off the coast of downtown Manhattan. Therefore, the location is prime for music festivals while still being close to the populous NYC. Other festivals, such as Panorama and Electric Zoo, also occur on Randall's Island Park. 

      iHeartRadio Festival

      One of the newer festivals on the scene is the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. It it the pinnacle of mainstream music, bringing together the hottest artists for the fans to hear. The radio favorites are basically guaranteed to be there each year. It is a mix of party Vegas vibes, fan favorites, and iHeart Radio excellence. The festival is held in late September, and 2016's lineup featured Ariana Grande, Drake, and Britney Spears.

      International Festivals

      Famous festivals from around the world include Glastonbury Festival in England, Reading and Leeds Festival in England and Tomorrowland held in Belgium. Music and arts festivals attract music lovers from all over the world to see the best live performances.


      According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the "World’s Largest Music Festival" is Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Summerfest, which is an 11-day event that has held that title since 1999. Summerfest features a collection of artists, such previous years' Adele and Luke Bryan, so no one's music tastes are left out. 2017 Summerfest marks the 50th Anniversary of the huge festival. It takes place from late June to early July this year. 

      2018 Fairs

      Fairs are always fun events because they usually step outside of the music festival niche and include a variety of food-focused activities and games for the fairs' guests. Fairs have a theme in mind, and the activities center on the theme, whether it is food and wine like the The Sun Wine and Food Fest or beer like the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston. Fairs are great for families or for a day party depending on the fair's theme, so it's worth the ticket!

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