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Read what customers like you have to say about us. Ticket Liquidator is a ticketing website where licensed ticket sellers and people like you can re-sell tickets to events. We could never have grown to be one of the largest ticketing websites in the country without honest feedback from our customers about our successes, our failures, and those areas in-between.

Therefore, we want to hear from YOU.

This feedback page allows you to post your views (good or bad) to be seen by our customers to learn about our company and to help us better serve our consumers.

Please note that we can’t post anything inappropriate. So if you want to be featured on our feedback page, please do so in a polite manner (no obscene language, please!), on-topic (about Ticket Liquidator, not about our competitors or the price of uranium), and truthful (no inaccurate statements). Negative or neutral commentaries will default into arbitration in an attempt to address any order-related problems or customer concerns. Customer feedback will not be posted for such feedback if a customer does not update their commentary to reflect subsequent developments and/or order corrections. We simply only want to have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

So, if wish to leave your feedback, please click here and get started!

81-90 of 272 comments.
On Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 at 1:15 PM Chad said:
I ordered my tickets at the begining of febuary around the 6 th . and didnt recive them until almost 3 weeks later feb 21 even thought the site said $40 2 days express fed ex delivery. there was no note saying they would take 3 weeks to get . And the worse part is it looks like the sender was in the same city i was. Not happy at all . I dont know if its ticket liquidators fault or the senders fault. It was my first time with this site .not sure if I will use it again. we will have to see
Our Response on Friday, Mar 02, 2012 at 3:43 PM:
Hello Chad! Thanks so much for your feedback! We're sorry to hear about the confusions in regards to your tickets' shipment.

To begin with, we should explain that FedEx Standard or Express shipping only refers to the speed at which tickets are delivered *after they're shipped*. They don't enable tickets to become available for shipping sooner than they'd normally be accessible. That explains why the selection of Express shipping during checkout does not guarantee immediate shipment. (We mention the fact that tickets may not ship immediately above every event listing in the "Lowdown.")

Added to that, it's also a general rule that event tickets often aren't distributed or even printed by venues or other primary sources until within weeks of their event. It therefore sounds like your particular seller just didn't receive the tickets from their supplier until mid-February. Their geographic location wouldn't have impacted the timetable for ticket printing from the venue.

Having said that, we do want to apologize for the fact that your seller created a FedEx label prematurely for your order. We expect ticket sellers to input in our system if they are unable to ship tickets within 4 days of accepting an order. This data is then emailed by us to customers so that customers can be kept "in the loop." We also expect a seller to ship tickets within 4 days of creating a tracking label. It would seem that your seller did not follow proper procedure and created a tracking label right after you ordered. It is thus understandable that you would have been waiting, waiting, waiting for ticket shipment.

On that note, to try and make amends, we have offered you a discount on future order -- please check your mail box! We'll make sure that there are not any subsequent delivery confusions with any future purchase through us.
On Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012 at 11:24 AM Maria L said:
I was told when I ordered the tickets on Sunday that my order would be shipped Monday (2 day delivery) because I had expressed that we were leaving for Nashville early Friday morning for a doctor's appointment.If they were shipped then I should have had them by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. They were not shipped until Wednesday and did not get to me by early Friday morning and Fed Ex called and said the delivery was due to be made by 7PM FRIDAY (too late). I finally got in touch with the seller and he said OH they shipped yesterday. This was Thursday. I think if told the tickets will ship a certain day and get there by a certain time this is what should happen instead of making my live stressful by not knowing what to do.
Our Response on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012 at 3:49 PM:
Hello Maria! Thank you very much for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about the delivery confusions concerning your ticket purchase. Please note that FedEx Standard or Express shipping only refers to the speed at which tickets are delivered after they're shipped. They don't enable tickets to become available for shipping sooner than they'd normally be accessible. We apologize if that confusion caused you any unnecessary worry or concern vis-à-vis your purchase.

Basically, it's a general rule that event tickets often aren't distributed or even printed until within weeks of their event. After that, they then have to make their way to another party (the seller) before reaching you. So there's an occasional chance that the tickets you purchase cannot ship out immediately. (Please also note that your seller is the one who owns, prices, and ships your tickets.)

In this case, it therefore appears that there was some confusion between the time it would take for your tickets to arrive after they've been shipped and the time it would take your tickets to ship. We nevertheless have contacted your seller and they have uploaded the tickets for you to download and print. We'll send you a check for your delivery fee this week to try and help, too.
On Monday, Feb 13, 2012 at 9:07 AM Giselle said:
I just wanted to let you know that this has been the most awful experience purchasing tickets from your website. I purchased these tickets in December trying to guarantee myself good seats to see this show before tickets went on sale on ticketmaster. The way that the seats were described is deceiving. There were tickets listed as sections 101-111 and other for sections 102-115. I choose section 101-111 as the seating chart on the online page showed section 115 to be at the back of the venue. I choose section 101-111 as both these sections were on either side to the stage. I also choose seats 1-4 row A-F. I have been waiting for these tickets for weeks to arrive and was getting extremely anxious as it was getting close to the concert date and I had not received them. I waited until Feb 6th to call because i had received an email from You stating that my tickets were not going to ship until latest Feb 7th. When I did call customer service number listed on my invoice, i was told that they had not received tickets from venue yet. My tickets did not ship until Feb 8th and arrived Feb 10th, which is 4 days before the event. I was shocked to see that my ticket were purchased online from ticketmaster in section 115 row P seats 7 and 8. This is not what i was thought to have purchased. When I again called their customer service number i was answered by a woman who had babies and people talking to her in the background. She told me that she could do nothing as it was too late and what I had purchased were category seats which could be any seats in the venue. I feel deceived and hurt that this is the type of answer i am receiving from something lead to believe to be a professional business. I paid more than double the price and this lady bought them online from ticketmaster, probably when i had called inquiring about them. No wonder these are awful seats if she waited until the last minute to purchase them online.
Our Response on Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:15 PM:
Hello Giselle! Thank you very much for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the problems and confusions concerning your purchase.

Briefly, you purchased tickets through our website listed as being:

Event: Drake Feb 14 2012
Venue: Bankunited Center At UM in Miami, FL, United States of America
Section: 101-111 Row: A-FF

Specifically, the seller for the listing concerned was advertising their tickets generally and saying that they'd get you any tickets from section 101 through 111 at the venue in any rows A-FF. The seller wasn't providing customers with the option of choosing either section 101 or section 111. The seller was instead basically advertising tickets in the 100s level.

In this case, it's worth examining the map of the venue to understand that, by writing "101-111," the seller was advertising tickets as potentially being in sections 101, 122, 121, 120, 119, 118, 117, 116, 115, 114, 113, 112, and 111. The reason for that is because the sections in the Bankunited Center are set up in such a way that, after 101, which is off to the side of the stage, they begin counting down (122 and down) in a backwards semicircle facing the stage. You wouldn't want tickets in sections after 111, because most of those are behind the stage, and, as indicated by our map, tickets for those sections weren't being sold for that event anyway.

Additionally, there appears to be some confusion with the range of rows that were advertised for your purchase. The seller was actually advertising tickets in rows A-FF, not A-F, which meant you could indeed end up being high in the 100s level.

Either way, we're sorry for your unhappiness, but it appears the trouble was mainly a misunderstanding and that you received what you ordered. We have nevertheless reached out to you with a compensation offer to try and assist you with your purchase.
On Thursday, Feb 09, 2012 at 9:29 AM Zella said:
I want to know where are my tickets they are for friday and i have not recieved them. I have called customer service and had to do nothing but wait for ever for some one to answer. You have my money where are my tickets.
Our Response on Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:36 PM:
Hello Zella! Thanks for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the delivery delays associated with your order. We see that you ordered tickets for download via our secure system on February 8th. Please note that e-tickets from sellers are not necessarily available for immediate download right after order completion. We explain this on the checkout page when you placed an order for "E-Tickets."

On that note, your seller has since uploaded your tickets and it appears that you have downloaded them successfully. We hope you have a great time at the event!
On Wednesday, Feb 08, 2012 at 1:28 PM nicholas said:
I am waiting on my tickets to arrive by fedex.....I still have a two hour drive to get to the show. If it do not get them in the next hour I will be running late. I have always picked my tickets up at will call. You dont have that as a option. I will not use your company again.
Our Response on Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:42 PM:
Hello Nicholas! Thanks for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the delivery delays associated with your order. It appears that your tickets were shipped on 2/6 (3 days after you ordered) and that they have since been received by you. Please let us know how everything goes for you at the big event!
On Saturday, Feb 04, 2012 at 5:05 AM Cathy said:
Totally displeased with service and tickets given to me. Tickets were not the ones I ordered. I paid a premium price for the 6 tickets I ordered almost $1,100 dollars. I wanted 6 seat side by side. I received 3 tickets in one row 3 tickets in another row.Unaccepable when I have 3 couples going to see a show. I was offered $50 dollars to make me happy. I should have been offered the premium price I paid for each ticket to compansate the inconvenience. You even send literature with your tickets that states, "All seats are next to one another, side by side." "The price you paid includes service charge (per ticket) which represents the high cost in obtaining hard to get tickets. As a buyer, I were able to choose the seats I wanted at the price I agreed to pay." Yes, I chose six tickets in the same row and paid the premim price for those tickets and did not receive them at all. I am disappointed and will not ever buy tickets from this company again nor will anyone I know. I even called and voiced by displeasure and was offered 50 dollars for my trouble. Sad
Our Response on Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:51 PM:
Hello Cathy! Thank you very much for your feedback in regards to your ticket order. We're sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with your tickets.

Specifically, it appears that you placed an order for 6 tickets and that your seller subsequently contacted you after the order was placed to let you know that they had just sold out of some of the seats seats and were unable to offer all 6 together. You had the option at that point of either cancelling the order (we could have offered a discount on a new order through us) or taking the proposed solution offered by your seller. This solution was to process a $50 credit, provide you with piggybacked seats (3 and 3 - directly in front of each other), and also get you seats in a better row so that you'd be closer to the stage. You accepted the offer from your seller and so they sent the tickets.

On that note, we're unable to change a seller's offer after a customer accepts it, because, by doing so, the situation is considered closed. The seller would have taken their 3-3 tickets off the market (and thus eliminate the chance to sell those) in return for filling your order with them. We're nevertheless sorry for your continued unhappiness and have offered you additional money back and an additional discount on a future order, too.
On Friday, Feb 03, 2012 at 3:41 PM Thomas said:
The confusing web site ordering process caused me to place an order for the wrong # of tix and I called customer service immediately to have them make asjustments and they were totally inflexible. They were rude,unprofessional and unaccomodating and would not adjust the order for the correct quantity even though the order is not yet fulfilled.

OVER MY DEAD LIFELESS BODY WILL I EVERY USE THIS WEB SITE AGAIN! ther are 100 web sites to buy tickets on who are more accomodating to customers needs and I will never use this schmucks again.

I was told Molly would assist me with the discrepancy but that is not the case and all she will do is have me resell the tickets on their site so they can make another $13 per ticket profit on me.

A truly unflexible web site that is not at all accomodating to their paying customers.
Our Response on Friday, Feb 03, 2012 at 4:26 PM:
Hello Thomas! Thank you for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about the problems and confusions concerning your purchase.

Looking at your order, it does indeed appear that you purchased 4 tickets through us rather than 3. We're nevertheless unsure as to what is confusing about the order process. Customers have the ability to adjust their ticket purchase to the quantities listed at the very top of the checkout page. There is then another checkout page through which customers must navigate before placing their order. There is a big green button on that second page that says "Place Order" (with an accompanying explanation that the button will send your order information to us).

That being said, it's important to remember that the tickets on our site are not owned by TL, but by hundreds of independent ticket-selling companies. When you order through us, you are making a private contract with the seller supplying your order - a contract we can't break. (If we could break those contracts, no one - including consumers - would ever feel comfortable selling tickets through us.) It's also true that the fact that tickets are time-sensitive items means they're not easy to return, like other items.

Having said that, we actually have been flexible in trying to assist you - as you mentioned in your feedback - by offering you the ability to send your tickets to us in return for a discount code on a future order. (This would be equal to the market value of your tickets at the time of their return to us.) Please note that most ticketing websites (including venues and primary sources) don't allow any ticket return. We're nevertheless willing to take the risk of trying to resell the tickets, if that helps you.
On Thursday, Feb 02, 2012 at 12:53 PM W Michele said:
I have received my tickets to Van Halen from Order #9287939. I have received them on a printed page, but I was looking forward to having the pre-printed tickets. I have always kept the printed tickets as keepsakes. Is there any way I can get the printed tickets?

I had sent that question an it was the 2nd email I sent to you. I have not received a response of any sort.

I sent another email regauding another question a week before and received not response to that one either.

Does Ticket Liquidator ever respond to emails?

Thank you, W. Michele Yandell

Our Response on Friday, Feb 03, 2012 at 10:02 AM:
Hello Michele! Thanks so much for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the confusions in regards to your ticket purchase. It would appear that you received printed out e-tickets from your seller rather than cardstock tickets. Please note that we can't guarantee any tickets will be "hard" unless that fact is explicitly stated on the ticket notes. The reason for this is because hard tickets are slowly evolving themselves out of existence. The internet has made "e-tickets" (ie: printed tickets) a popular option nowadays for primary ticket sources. Sellers like e-tickets because they're cheaper and they're easier to handle redistribution (etc).

Regardless, though, your e-tickets will indeed be valid for event entry, so, on that note, things are fine and there’s no need to worry! We only let established businesses resell e-tickets in order to ensure that paper tickets are handled with the most professional care.

Oh, yes, we're also sorry, too, if there has been any confusion about the email issue. We've only ever received one email from you - yesterday - which we've answered. It sounds like you might have been emailing the seller of your ticket order instead.
On Thursday, Jan 26, 2012 at 3:15 PM Don said:
We bought 2 tickets this morning about 10:45AM by mistake( someone clicked the order button instead of closing the site) The tickets cost $588.94. Which is a hardship.

We emailed as soon as we found out what happened. We called and left 2 messages. We called Mastercard to set up a dispute. They said we had to wait until " Ticket liquidator" tried to resolve this and then we called the customer service at Ticket Liquidator. We were told that nothing could be done but we could try to sell them ourselves to friends. We understand we made a mistake and understand paying a service fee for our mistake but to charge us $588.94 for two tickets which would only cost at the most $85 each at the boxoffice of the Bushnell. We have been facing cancer this year and we are desperately upset with the lack of compassion and understanding by your company.
Our Response on Friday, Jan 27, 2012 at 2:35 PM:
Hello Don! Thank you very much for your feedback about your order experience. We're sorry for your unhappiness and especially for the illness in your family.

On the order issue, it is indeed true that we are not able to cancel ticket purchases after they are placed. Please note that we at TL are a network (like EBay) through which independent sellers resell to tickets to event and, as such, your contract is directly with the seller supplying your order. The order contract is binding (similarly as to when you "commit to buy" something via EBay) and, if we could unilaterally break it, no seller - consumer or business-based - would be secure selling tickets through us.

Added to that, we should mention that the all-sales-are-final policy is standard across both the primary and secondary ticket market. The reason for this is because tickets are time sensitive items with strict limits on their value. This means that returning them is not like returning shoes that could be used by another customer. Instead, if you return the tickets, the seller may not sell them or may have to sell them for less money. The end result is that your seller ends up losing money as a result of the ticket return.

Please also note that there are actually two pages through which you must navigate during checkout before completing your order so as to make it very difficult for someone to place an order accidentally.

Having said that, we have actually already contacted you and offered to try and help resell your tickets in return for an agreed-upon in-store credit - so long as can receive the tickets sufficiently before the event. Please respond to the email we sent and we will do our best to work with you in resolving your issue.
On Monday, Jan 23, 2012 at 1:10 PM Mary said:
ordered 3 tickets to cavalia on 1/15/12.Paid extra 25 dollars for overnite delivery.Tickets were in zone C.Was informed those were no longer available.seller sold me other tickets and gave me credit on my visa for $75.00 New tickets were in row D.Delivery was not until the 21st and when I examined my tickets they were in row U.I called the seller and he said he would credit another $105.00 to my Visa account.Show was OK but I will not obtain tickets from you again.Too much wear and tear on my nerves.
Our Response on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 at 10:47 AM:
Hello Mary! Thank you very much for your feedback! We're very sorry to hear about the problems and confusions concerning your ticket purchase.

Just to review, it appears that you placed an order for Cavalia tickets in Zone C (which encompasses a large area), but then your seller contacted you to say that they had just sold out of all Zone C seats. They instead offered you tickets in another area, you accepted the tickets, and they credited you $75 and then an additional $105 -- refunding you about a third of your purchase.

In regards to the new tickets, you mention in your feedback that the new tickets were supposed to be in Row D, but ended up being in Row U. There appears to have been some confusion as to what was offered by your seller. The tickets you originally purchased were in Zone C, which encompasses the far sides of the venue and the middle portion of the center sections. Your seller wasn't offering tickets in row D as a replacement, because row D would still put you in Zone C - they were offering tickets in Zone D, which is in back of Zone C, in the center. Zone D encompasses rows R-U in the venue, which is why, when you received the tickets, you received row U.

Either way, we're sorry for the misunderstanding vis-a-vis the tickets and for the various problems in regards to your ticket purchase, but we're glad that your seller was willing to work with you and address the seating issue proactively.

Additionally, too, we've extended another discount your way, which we hope will help you in the future, should you ever be searching for event tickets -- and, of course, we'd be happy to give any future order through us some special TLC!
81-90 of 272 comments.

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