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Read what customers like you have to say about us. Ticket Liquidator is a ticketing website where licensed ticket sellers and people like you can re-sell tickets to events. We could never have grown to be one of the largest ticketing websites in the country without honest feedback from our customers about our successes, our failures, and those areas in-between.

Therefore, we want to hear from YOU.

This feedback page allows you to post your views (good or bad) to be seen by our customers to learn about our company and to help us better serve our consumers.

Please note that we can’t post anything inappropriate. So if you want to be featured on our feedback page, please do so in a polite manner (no obscene language, please!), on-topic (about Ticket Liquidator, not about our competitors or the price of uranium), and truthful (no inaccurate statements). Negative or neutral commentaries will default into arbitration in an attempt to address any order-related problems or customer concerns. Customer feedback will not be posted for such feedback if a customer does not update their commentary to reflect subsequent developments and/or order corrections. We simply only want to have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

So, if wish to leave your feedback, please click here and get started!

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On Sunday, Apr 15, 2012 at 10:35 AM Ronda said:
I received an email last Sunday letting me know that my tickets had been shipped. I received an email on Wednesday, April 11 telling me that they had been delivered. Needless to say I did not recieve my tickets. I called Ticket Liquidator on Thursday, April 12 letting them know that I did not get my tickets and the tracking information said it was delivered to a residence in Ohio. These tickets where suppose to be shipped to my work place in Kentucky. I spoke with Ashley (from Ticket Liquidator). When I told her that the shipping information was saying that the tickets where delivered to a residence in Ohio, she told me that that was distribution location....Fexed confirmed that they were delivered to a residence in Ohio. I have family who has already booked flights to come and watch the Kentucky Oaks and I don't know where my tickets are. I'm talking over $1,700.00 worth of tickets.
Our Response on Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 at 10:38 AM:
Hello Ronda! Thank you very much for your feedback! We're very sorry to hear about the difficult and frustrating experience you've had to undergo in regards to the ticket order that you placed through our company.

In your case, it appears that your seller made a mistake in creating a FedEx shipping label tied to your order for use on another purchase. Ashley would not have known that and would not have been privy to that information. it's also true that ticket sellers ship tickets independently and hardly ever make any mistakes.

On that note, we should explain that, while sellers ship tickets, they create labels and so forth through our point-of-sale software. It therefore appears that your seller made a label for another customer but tied it erroneously to your order. The end result is that you received shipdates that weren't relevant to your purchase.

That being said, we did speak with your ticket seller and they explained the issue to us and said that they had contacted you. Your order has been accepted by them and so they are guaranteed to get you tickets for the event. The mistake by your seller is in no way indicative that your order will not be properly fulfilled. We'll also keep checking back on your purchase to make sure everything is okay and we'll be touching base again with the seller concerned to make sure the error is not repeated.

We also hope the discount we provided helps to make up for the confusion!
On Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012 at 7:37 AM PAIGE said:
I ordered two tickets for Dave Matthews for May. I ordered them and was going through process and not even paid for yet and you guys wouldnt cancel the order. The sales agent argued with me, demanding why i didnt want the tickets. My boyfriend found two tickets, same seat section, for $100 cheaper. You guys are crooks!!
Our Response on Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012 at 4:58 PM:
Hello Paige! Thank you very much for your feedback! We're sorry to hear about your unhappiness with your order.

In regards to the cancellation issue, it is indeed true that the ticket seller from whom you purchased won't be able to cancel your order. The all-sales-are-final policy is standard across both the primary and secondary ticket market. The reason for this is because tickets are time sensitive items with strict limits on their value. This means that returning them is not like returning shoes that could be used by another customer. Instead, if you return the tickets, the seller may not sell them or may have to sell them for less money. The end result is that your seller ends up losing money as a result of the ticket return.

In your case, we don't see evidence that you called us directly, so perhaps you spoke instead with your ticket seller. Please also know that we are a network through which individual sellers resell tickets to popular events. Sellers resell tickets through us along similar lines as to how sellers resell products through Ebay. We cannot force a seller to cancel at purchase at someone's request and return their money. No one would feel comfortable reselling tickets through us if we had that ability. That's especially true considering the fact that tickets are indeed items with a strict time limit on their value.

On that note, too, we can understand your frustration with cheaper tickets being available elsewhere for purchase online. Please nevertheless know that neither we nor our sellers have the ability to monitor ticket availability on a national level. There was therefore no concerted attempt to advertise tickets that were available elsewhere for a different price. We at TL simply let sellers advertise tickets and let consumers choose whether or not to buy them. We always encourage consumers to do thorough price research before a purchase in order to get the best deal possible.

We're sorry again for the confusion!
On Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012 at 7:15 PM Janice Anne said:
They delivered the tickets to my home, which 2 hours away form NYC, 30 minutes before the start of the play. They would not honor their guarantee that tickets would be delivered ahead of time since they do not allow for travel time. They said that as long as I had the ticket before the show started, that was "on-time." The reps were also very rude and had a "tough luck for you" attitude.
Our Response on Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012 at 5:25 PM:
Hello Janice! Thanks so very much for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear that you missed the big event the other day.

Specifically, we understand that you ordered tickets on April 7th and that the tickets were not delivered until the day of the event. Your seller shipped the tickets on April 10th for arrival on the morning of the 11th. The event for which you purchased tickets was a matinee show of the Phantom of the Opera in New York.

On that note, we apologize for the fact that your ticket seller did not ship out the tickets right after you purchased them. One issue was that FedEx Express Delivery does not include weekends as active ship days. The ticket seller would therefore not have been able to FedEx the tickets on April 7th (a Saturday) or April 8th (a Sunday). They were still waiting on receiving the tickets from their supplier on April 9th prior to shipping the tickets out on April 10th.

That being said, we checked the tracking information for your order (FedEx tracking label 798268122030) and see that FedEx registered your tickets as having been delivered at 9:38AM EST on April 11th. This means that your ticket seller shipped the tickets via the quickest overnight method possible in order to ensure you received them ASAP. It therefore appears that you received the tickets almost 4 and a half hours before the event began (at 2:00pm). It appears that you were not at home when FedEx delivered the tickets, because they had to leave them at your front door.

As a result, it would seem that your ticket seller did actually deliver the tickets with enough time to spare for the event, but that you were not available to receive the tickets until later in the day. It also does not appear that you ever contacted TL directly about the order situation until after the event.

Either way, we feel sorry that you missed the event and have extended a little offer your way - which we hope helps!
On Thursday, Mar 29, 2012 at 10:34 PM Michael said:
When I spoke to the T.L. rep, I asked for, and only discussed, tickets that were advertised for the CENTER of the pit. I received tickets instead for right side of the pit, still good seats for a great concert, but not what I asked for and expected. I noticed that two seats at the center of the back row of the pit apparently the ones that I had asked for, were unoccupied during the concert. O.K., it was a fantastic concert, the seats were very good and at a terrific discount, but somehow my request was garbled along the way.
Our Response on Thursday, Apr 05, 2012 at 2:05 PM:
Hello Michael! Thank you very much for taking the time to leave feedback via the Ticket Liquidator Feedback Tool. We're very sorry to hear about the trouble and confusions concerning your ticket purchase through our website. We do indeed see that you purchased tickets through our Call Center the other day for the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Specifically, you purchased tickets registered as being:

Event: Tedeschi Trucks Band Mar 28 2012 8:00PM
Venue: Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN, United States of America
Section: ORCH PIT Row: PC
Price: $20.00 Each Quantity: 2

Per the listing information, it would appear your seller actually advertised your seats as just being in the Pit. They didn't actually promise that the seats would be located in the left, right or center section. (Such terms as "Orchestra" or "Mezzanine" do not involve specification as to placement in those sections. Only tickets marked as (eg) "Center Orch" are guaranteed to be in a center section.) So, as a result, the seats you received seem to fit within the listing advertisement posted by your seller.

Added to that, I should explain that we at Ticket Liquidator are a nationwide network through which independent sellers (trusted consumers and established ticketing agencies) resell tickets to events. This means we don't actually own, price, or ship the tickets you see listed for sale on our website. All that responsibility is in the hands of the individual sellers who list tickets on our exchange. We wouldn't be able to specify exact seats for ticket listings because we don't own the tickets concerned.

Regardless, we're certainly sorry for the the trouble and hope you enjoyed the event regardless! We'd be happy to help you out, too, with a nice discount if you ever do want to order tickets again through our site!
On Wednesday, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:57 PM Sharon said:
I purchase 6 tickets for Lion King in New Orleans for 3/21 at 2:00. I did this thru my daughter's email. They were purchased in my wife's name. I purchase 6 tickets together in the orchestra. Tickets were not in the orchesatra and they were not together. This is fraud I will contact everyone in my wemail contacts and my face book and tell them what a pleasure doing business with your company has been.
Our Response on Wednesday, Mar 21, 2012 at 1:22 PM:
Hello Sharon! Thank you very much for your feedback.

We notice that you purchased tickets registered as being for:

Event: The Lion King Mar 24 2012 2:00PM
Venue: Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts in New Orleans
Section: ZONE D Row:

Seller's Note: If more than four (4) tickets are purchased from this group, your tickets may be split. No group of tickets will include less than two (2) adjacent seats. All seats are guaranteed to be located within the requested zone.

Specifically, your ticket seller advertised tickets as being in Zone D, not in the Orchestra - that was not stated anywhere on the listing. Zone D is the Parquet area, which is clearly visible on the venue map we have for the event. You will notice the yellow area marked Zone D on our maps for the Mahalia Theater.

On the seating issue, your seller noted on the order that they would not be able to guarantee over 4 seats together. This is standard among ticket sellers in the resale market who advertise tickets for zoned listings. They promise a certain number of tickets together because they have tickets scattered throughout the area. Your seller additionally mentioned explicitly that they would potentially break up any ticket group with more than 4 seats purchased. They promised that they would make sure any break-up of tickets included pairs so that no one would be sitting alone. The seller promised, too, that any breakup would obviously result in tickets being solely in the allotted Zone.

On that note, we see that your seller ended up providing three groups of paired tickets in the Parquet, which is consistent with what they advertised on the ticket listing - it appears there was confusion as to the tickets advertised by your seller.

That being said, we have contacted you privately to try and help you out, but it seems that your seller was quite explicit and direct in identifying the location of the tickets and the caveats surrounding their purchase.
On Monday, Mar 19, 2012 at 9:19 PM Edilia said:
I oredered tickets for the PBR Event in Glendale Arizona, the tickets I receieved were for tickets at the PBR event at Council Bluffs IA, I did not check the tickets at home I assumed they were what I had order for GLENDALE, AZ, when I presented my tickets to my consternation I was told they were INVALID TICKETS. coinsedently both events were on the same date. March 17, 2012. When I called to complain that I receieved the tickets for the wrong venue, I was told that it was too bad, but there is nothing that can be done to recify the error. I live in Southern Arizona not IA, So I,m out $110.00 HOW FAIR IS THAT.
Our Response on Wednesday, Mar 28, 2012 at 1:57 PM:
Hello Edilia! Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry to hear about the confusions concerning your ticket order.

To start with, we checked your order and noticed that you ordered tickets for:

Event: PBR - Professional Bull Riders Mar 17 2012 7:30PM
Venue: Mid America Center in Council Bluffs, IA, United States of America
Section: 214 Row: F

As a result, it does indeed appear that you ordered tickets for the Council Bluffs show.

Please note that certain events play in multiple locations at the same time (for instance: this happens with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra). It sounds like you were aware of another PBR event in your area and purchased the tickets you did based on the date of the event rather than checking to make sure the venue was right. The venue at Glendale would not have accepted tickets for the event at Council Bluffs.

On that note, we're certainly sorry to hear about the misunderstanding, but we wouldn't be able to access a refund from your ticket seller. They supplied the tickets that you purchased and so they did everything efficiently and fairly on their end. We nevertheless have extended you a nice discount to help out with a future (and confusion-free!) order.

On Thursday, Mar 08, 2012 at 12:09 PM John said:
I bought 6 seats for my 4 daughters ,my wife and myself facing the stage.When we arrived at the venue we were told that our section was sold out and we would be given upgraded seats as a courtesy. I turned in our original tickets and were given 6 seats in section 102 row U. Exactly parallel to the side of the curtain. Needless to say my wife and daughters thought we were taken advantage of and not treated fairly. I told everyone to enjoy what we could and hopefully we could handle this later. I picked out the original tickets specificaly to face the front of the act and stage.We have been to Cirque Soleil before and know to enjoy the full effectsof the presentation you have to be away and facing the stage to get the whole effect. I would not have puchased the seats in section 102 in the first place.
Our Response on Friday, Mar 16, 2012 at 4:16 PM:
Hello John! Thanks so much for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about the confusions and problems with your purchase.

Regarding your order, it would appear that you ordered tickets in 311, Row N and that your ticket seller supplied the correct tickets - which is as we'd expect. We then understand that you went to the venue on the night of the event and they took it upon themselves to reseat you.

In that case, it would appear that the seating problem with your purchase would have been a problem on the venue's end, not on your seller's - especially if the venue chose to re-seat you proactively. The venue wouldn't have let you into the event at all if they believed there was something wrong with the tickets provided by your seller. It instead seems that the venue accidentally printed and sold too many tickets for that particular area. Perhaps, too, the venue eliminated some seats after they initially printed the tickets in order to make way for staging changes - that sometimes occurs.

Either way, we're certainly sorry for the trouble and can understand your unhappiness with any seating switch. We hope that the offer we've extended is useful to you and helps out a future purchase through our site!
On Tuesday, Mar 06, 2012 at 8:00 PM annmarie said:
The tickets that were ordered were not the tickets that were delivered we purchased Spring training tix for the Red Sox in the stadium and were sent bleacher seats. The number of the seller Mainly Tickets are not returning any calls
Our Response on Friday, Mar 16, 2012 at 4:19 PM:
Hello Annmarie! Thank you for your recent feedback. We're sorry to hear about the confusions in regards to your tickets.

Specifically, we see that you purchased through us tickets that were advertised as:

Event: Spring Training: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees Mar 22 2012 7:05PM
Venue: JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL, United States of America
Section: B233 Row: 1

In this case, it would indeed appear that you purchased tickets located in the Bleachers - hence the "B" in the section. It therefore appears that there was just an honest confusion about the seating advertisement of your ticket seller.

Regardless, we're certainly sorry for the trouble and hope that the discount offer we extended is of use to you!
On Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 at 2:02 PM Heather said:
I am writing to express that your "Help Center" is in need of HELP! I orded tickets and unbeknownst to me the seller required a signature. Too bad they were shipped to my home and I was working the three days that FedEx tried to deliver at my home. The tickets were returned to the seller and he is going to charge me another fee to have them shipped to my work.

When I spoke to CINDY she was very rude and claimed that Ticket Liquidators could do nothing about this because you receive no fees at all. Hmm... so this site is being staffed and managed for a broader social cause? In the future, you should make clear that deliveries will require signatures (an internet pop-up when shipping address is either checked same as billing or shipping information is entered). That would have avoided this mess. Secondly, how about some training for the people on your front lines?
Our Response on Friday, Mar 02, 2012 at 3:24 PM:
Hello Heather! Thank you very much for your feedback about your order.

To start with, we certainly want to apologize if you found the representative with whom you spoke to be rude. We at TL aim to treat all customers with respect and great care. Please be assured that we will investigate the issue you raised further.

On the delivery issue, it is indeed true that sellers usually require customers to sign for mailed ticket packages. The reason for that is to document that the tickets were received. (This is necessitated by the basic fact that tickets are time-sensitive and one-of-a-kind items. Sellers therefore often like to have proof that the tickets were received safe and sound by an identifiable party.)

Added to that, we should mention that the choice as to whether a package requires a signature is left up to the seller supplying the purchase. That's the reason we cannot easily say such-and-such a ticket order is going to require a signature. Sellers can make that decision when they ship the tickets based on a wide variety of factors and preferences.(Example: orders that are higher in value are more likely to require signatures -- as are orders placed by non-US customers or orders placed closer to event times.) The reason that sellers decide the signature issue is because they're the ones responsible for supplying and securing their tickets.

As a side note, the signature issue is tricky, because it's something either that customers hate or love. Many customers are angry about having the signature requirement because it inconveniences them. Other customers are angry when there isn't a signature requirement because they construe it as a lack of security. We used to have a system whereby all ticket orders required signatures, but many customers didn't like that -- thus, we changed it.

Either way, we're sorry for all the trouble and, to help out, will send you a check for your delivery fee and for any re-shipping fee charged by your seller!
On Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 at 12:53 PM Patricia said:
When ordering my tickets, I didn't get the section I thought I ordered. When my confirmation came on the screen, I immediately noticed the mistake and called customer service. I was told basically too bad, your mistake, no changes allowed. The tickets are for the same day and the same price. I know you have a policy of no changes, but I would expect that a mistake caught within minutes should be able to be fixed. The agent basically told me that I should have called my order in to eliminate the possibility of a mistake. Why do you have on-line ordering if you want people to call. The seats aren't bad, just not the ones I wanted.
Our Response on Friday, Mar 02, 2012 at 3:59 PM:
Hello Patricia! Thank you very much for your feedback! We're sorry to hear that you felt we didn't try to assist you with your order.

In regards to ticket orders, it's true that the all-sales-are-final policy is standard across both the primary and secondary ticket markets. The reason for this is because tickets are time sensitive items with strict limits on their value. Your ticket seller is thus in danger of losing their investment if they allow you to return a product which they cannot ultimately re-sell (or which they cannot re-sell for the same amount of money that you paid).

Added to that, we at Ticket Liquidator are a nationwide network through which independent sellers (trusted consumers and established ticketing agencies) resell tickets to events. So, when you order through us, you're entering into a separate contract with the individual seller of your ticket purchase. It's a bit like when you order through EBay and you "commit to buy" an item from a seller - once you commit, you commit and the deal is done.

Lastly, too, we should mention that the secret of success for any resale marketplace is to make both consumers and sellers feel comfortable, for the obvious reason that, if the retail customer is uncomfortable, they won't buy from you, and if the seller is uncomfortable, they won't sell through you - and, since both customers and sellers need each other to function, we have to be fair to both. If, for instance, we could unilaterally cancel an order placed by a customer (ie: tell the seller "sorry, we're cancelling and you're giving the money back pronto") - especially with an expirable item, like tickets - sellers wouldn't feel comfortable selling through us and would not use our marketplace.

We just want to explain that to illustrate that we do not intend to be unhelpful - it's just a tricky situation.

We do, however, hope that the discount offer we extended to you will help you out on a future (trouble-free!) order!
71-80 of 272 comments.

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