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Read what customers like you have to say about us. Ticket Liquidator is a ticketing website where licensed ticket sellers and people like you can re-sell tickets to events. We could never have grown to be one of the largest ticketing websites in the country without honest feedback from our customers about our successes, our failures, and those areas in-between.

Therefore, we want to hear from YOU.

This feedback page allows you to post your views (good or bad) to be seen by our customers to learn about our company and to help us better serve our consumers.

Please note that we can’t post anything inappropriate. So if you want to be featured on our feedback page, please do so in a polite manner (no obscene language, please!), on-topic (about Ticket Liquidator, not about our competitors or the price of uranium), and truthful (no inaccurate statements). Negative or neutral commentaries will default into arbitration in an attempt to address any order-related problems or customer concerns. Customer feedback will not be posted for such feedback if a customer does not update their commentary to reflect subsequent developments and/or order corrections. We simply only want to have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

So, if wish to leave your feedback, please click here and get started!

61-70 of 272 comments.
On Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 12:33 PM Debra said:
I purchased tickets on a saturday. The shipping method is listed as "e-mail delivery." I thought delivery would be quick due to the fact that it only takes an email, right? Well it is now the day before the event and the tickets have not yet been e-mailed to me. I called the phone number for the seller and could only get a recording saying they were only open monday-friday. That would mean that if I have to wait until their business hours, then i would not receive the tickets in time.

I have e-mailed ticket liquidator and received no response. I called ticket liquiator and got the automated message saying that "you are next in line." It has been over 30 minutes and I am still on hold. How could I be next in line for over 30 minutes?

I am very unhappy with the service. I fear that I am going to have to purchase other tickets elsewhere and waste my money. Is this the way you run a business?
Our Response on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 2:46 PM:
Hello Debra! Thank you very much for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about the trouble and confusion concerning your ticket purchase and also for the long wait times you experienced when you called us. We see that you called around 1pm on the 27th (a Saturday) which is one of our busiest days and times (even though we have a 100+ Call Center located in the US!).

On that note, it seems that you were concerned because your tickets were not immediately available for delivery right after you ordered (seeing as how you ordered tickets for email delivery). Please note that email delivery does not actually guarantee that you will receive your tickets immediately after purchasing them. The reason for that is because ticket sellers may not have received the e-ticket file from the primary ticketing source at the time of your order. They may have to wait to receive that file before delivering it to you.

Added to that, we should mention that we host a secure e-ticket download system that allows customers to access e-ticket files securely and efficiently. Ticket sellers upload e-ticket files to our system and customers subsequently download and print the ticketing files from their TL account. E-tickets are not uploaded automatically to the system and instead have to be uploaded proactively by the ticket seller. Customers are also emailed by us when their tickets are ready to be downloaded.

In your case, we see that your ticket file was uploaded on the same day that you called and that you downloaded the tickets in plenty of time for the event. We hope you ended up having a great time!
On Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 2:44 PM Richard said:
Do not buy tickets through this company. We dealt with ticket liquadator. The tickets were sold by a company called "My Ticket Tracker.com" and my credit card was hit by a company called "

Ticket Network Direct". It's a difficult path to follow when you get ripped off. The tickets to the Belmont Stakes were supposed to be "seats" they turned out to be "standing room only" general addmission tickets - with a face value of $20.00 per - we paid $138.24 for two tickets. The tickets look like zerox copies - the company claims that they are "e tickets" friends have real tickets and these don't resemble their tickets. We have been to the Kentucky Derby, and the Preakness and feel that the Belmont may complete the Triple Crown. We are "horse owners" from Maryland and are really disappointed in the service and response we have gotten from this company. The first call we made - we were told that there was no way to quarantee these tickets were real. We have to drive 200 miles each way and not get in (stay in a motel) before we can get a refund. This is not a responsive company and they hide behind the other companies that are involved in the process. We just want our money back and will watch it on TV. Three different companies to sell tickets - come on.
Our Response on Friday, May 25, 2012 at 1:05 PM:
Hello Richard! Thank you very much for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the confusions associated with your ticket order.

On the ticket price issue, we explain throughout our website (and even on this page!) that the tickets sold on our site are being sold by independent sellers who reprice tickets according to their current market value. The ticket prices on our exchange are therefore going to be above or below the face value of the tickets concerned. This fact is explained above every event listing and re-addressed on almost all our customer support webpages.

On the ticketing issue, we see that your tickets were listed by your seller as:

Event: Belmont Stakes Jun 9 2012 TBD
Venue: Belmont Park Raceway in Elmont, NY, United States of America
Section: CLUBHOUSE Row: GA
Price: $52.00 Each Quantity: 2

In this case, we're uncertain as to why you claim the tickets you received should have been actual seats to the event. You will notice that the ticket seller from whom you purchased specifically labeled the tickets as "GA." This is to say that the tickets were General Admission and thus would not guarantee a specific seat. You would instead access the Clubhouse and sit or stand wherever you are able. You would have purchased reserved seating if a section and row had been specified on the ticket listing.

Regarding your last question, we always guarantee that all the tickets on our site are guaranteed to be legitimate. We can promise this because we only deal with licensed and/or registered ticket-selling companies. Therefore, when you buy through us, you're buying from professionals who sell tickets for a living. They put food on their table by getting you tickets and so they have every incentive to fulfill your purchase. We guarantee ticket authenticity in our 125% guarantee, too, so that there is no question of legitimacy.

Regardless, we're sorry for all the confusion and we hope you enjoy the event!

On Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 7:33 PM Ryan said:
I purchased a ticket to the Roger Waters Show on 5/15 in Phoenix. I purchased the ticket because it was in section 214 of US Airways Arena near my friends. When I downloaded the ticket, the section read 220 which was much harder to see the show. I called and was told they didn't have any tickets in section 214. I am very disappointed. I requested a refund and was told by Lisa that I would be given a refund but as of today there has not been a refund issued. I would like to request that refund!
Our Response on Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 12:08 PM:
Hello Ryan! Thank you for your email. We're sorry to hear about the confusions in regards to your ticket purchase through us. It seems that you ordered tickets for a near-term event and that your ticket seller had just sold the last tickets concerned to another customer. (The ticket sellers on our website (and on our competitors', as well) generally have a small window of time during which they're free to accept or reject a ticket order. This is because the sellers listing tickets on our exchange are likely listing tickets (albeit, for higher prices) on other networks, too. It's therefore occasionally possible that they might sell a ticket group before being able to remove it from our website.)

On that note, we understand that your ticket seller attempted to supply you with other agreeable tickets, but that you were not interested in the alternates they could provide you. (Your ticket seller likely wanted to upload the proposed alternates just so that, if you were indeed interested in them, you'd have the tickets available to download and print off immediately.)

Ultimately, you declined the tickets proposed by your seller and they have actually since refunded you in full for the purchase. You may not see the refund reflected yet to your account due to CC processing delays. We have also extended you a discount off a future order to try and assist you with other tickets in the future!
On Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 1:32 PM Mary said:
Ive very disappointed, I ordered my tickets over a month ago, and I still have not got my tickets yet. The concert is tomorrow. I just basically wasted $300 on you for nothing.
Our Response on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 3:37 PM:
Hello Mary! Thank you very much for your feedback the other day. We're very sorry to hear about the delivery delay associated with your ticket order through us. It's unfortunately true that tickets often aren't distributed or even printed until within weeks of their event and, after that, they then have to make their way to another party (the seller) before reaching you. It's therefore possible that the tickets you purchase cannot ship out immediately.

On that note, we're nevertheless sorry if the delayed delivery in regards to your order has caused you any concern. We want all the customers who order through us to have secure buying experiences. We do therefore rate and rank sellers partially based upon the efficiency of their ticket delivery. We expect sellers to provide tickets as quickly as they are able and to do so in accordance with the timelines they set with customers.

In your case, we see that your tickets were delivered today by your seller - so you should be all set for the event. We will speak with your seller about your concerns and worries. However, in the meantime, we all hope you have a great time at the event!
On Wednesday, May 02, 2012 at 8:18 AM Dawn said:
I received my tickets maybe a month ago or so to the Nickelback concert coming to wesrern NY in July, but that's not the problem I'm having. It's the service and shipping fees you are screwing us ticket purchasers with.The night I purchased them, I tried 5 other ticket outlets only to be told the same thing. How do you charge so much for a couple of pieces of paper and the envelope to mail in? It is absolutely rediculous how your type of companies price gouge on tickets to events.
Our Response on Thursday, May 03, 2012 at 4:05 PM:
Hello Dawn! Thank you very much for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the fees associated with your order.

When you purchase tickets through our website, you pay...

1) the ticket price

2) the service fee (18.5% of the ticket price)

3) a delivery fee (FedEx, usually)

Just to explain, the service fee is the only part of the transaction that accrues to TL and pays for website maintenance, billing security, and customer support. The delivery fee is usually around $15 and is designed to pay for fast FedEx shipping of ticket orders. We expect the sellers who list tickets on our exchange to use FedEx for shipment due to the security and reliability of that service.

Added to that, it's also worthy to note that there are many different parties in a ticket transaction: the venue, the performer/team, the ticket seller, the marketplace (ie: us) - and so forth. Every group in the chain adds onto the ticket price in some regard because they all have employees with families to feed. You will actually find that no one party is leaving any transaction having made tons and tons of money off customers. We at TL make relatively little off of ticket orders and actually make less than many competitors as a means to keep our prices lower than many others in the secondary ticket market.

In your case, we made $40 off of your order of almost $300 - not too high! :o)
On Tuesday, May 01, 2012 at 10:27 AM greg said:
Our Response on Thursday, May 03, 2012 at 3:53 PM:
Hello Greg! Thank you so much for your comments. We're sorry to hear about your order problems. It seems that you purchased tickets through us without understanding that the ticket prices on our exchange are listed per ticket. We mention that fact on all our event pages and we also advertise the total price of ticket orders twice during the checkout process prior to your placing an order. The reason we have so many steps is to limit the chance that there are any confusions or misunderstandings about the total value of a purchase.

Added to that, it's also true that we're unable to force your seller to cancel your ticket order due to a pricing misunderstanding. When you buy tickets through us, you're "committing to buy" a product from a seller similar to how you "commit to buy" a product through EBay. If we could unilaterally cancel ticket orders, no one would feel confident selling through tickets us or through any other marketplace.

Additionally, your seller would be taking a risk by accepting your tickets back and refunding your money. They may not be able to resell the tickets before the event occurs or may have to do so for less money than you paid. We cannot force or expect a seller to put themselves in this position through no fault of their own.

Either way, we're sorry for the misunderstanding and hope that the discount offer we extended is of help!
On Wednesday, Apr 25, 2012 at 7:30 PM Sandra D said:
I spoke at length with a salesperson for Ticket Liquidator. They assured me that the tickets I was purchasing at almost three times their face value were excellent seats. After speaking with people at Broadway Across America about the venue site, I realized I have paid an exorbitant price for seats on the back eight rows of the theater. Very misleading. I have called to try to see if I can get some help. I have been on hold for over 30 minutes. Would appreciate the opportunity to talk to someone.
Our Response on Thursday, May 03, 2012 at 3:27 PM:
Hello Sandra! Thank you for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about the seating issues with your order.

Specifically, you purchased tickets listed as being for:

Event: Wicked Aug 25 2012 8:00PM
Venue: Capitol Theatre - UT in Salt Lake City, UT, United States of America
Section: BALC L Row: 3A

That being said, we're very sorry that you are unhappy with the seats you received for your ticket purchase and we're even sorrier that you felt they were misrepresented by the representative who placed your order. It's nevertheless true that the tickets were registered clearly as being in the Left Balcony. The Left Balcony is inherently located higher up in theater venues (Balcony is well-known as being the highest tier of seating). The representative with whom you spoke may have recommended the tickets in light of the purchase parameters you set in regards to price and availability. It therefore is unclear to us why you believed Balcony tickets were excellent seats and thereby closer to the stage.

Added to that, we also understand that you are upset with the face value of your tickets vis-a-vis the purchase price you paid. We at TL are indeed a nationwide network through which tickets are being resold and thus re-priced by sellers independent of their face value. We advertise that fact throughout our website so that customers understand they are buying tickets that may be priced more or less than the original purchase price.

Regardless, we're sorry for the pricing confusion and sincerely hope you do enjoy the show! "Wicked" is wonderful no matter where you're sitting.
On Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 at 1:36 AM Katie said:
Your service is terrible this is a money maker for you guys! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS! Your customer service is terrible. You couldn't give me my money back after I ordered my tickets an hour earlier and the bad thing is I had something very important going on the same day and im still going because I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK!! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and rude people!

Our Response on Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 at 9:54 AM:
Hello Katie! Thank you for leaving feedback in regards to your order experience. We're very sorry to hear about your unhappiness with your purchase and the problems that have been caused.

In your case, it would appear that you are upset because your 19-year-old daughter ordered tickets using a credit card that you and she jointly possess. You do not approve of the order and called us to have it cancelled. The problem is that you did not order tickets through us directly but from an independent seller who listed tickets for sale on our network. We are unable to cancel orders and are also unable to force sellers to cancel their transactions.

Generally speaking, it's tricky to return tickets in the entertainment market because tickets themselves are time sensitive items with a strict limit on their value. This means that returning them is not like returning shoes that could be used by another customer. Instead, if you return the tickets, the seller may not sell them or may have to sell them for less money. The end result is that your seller ends up losing money as a result of the ticket return.

Added to that, we at TL are only able to function because we allow security for both buyers and sellers of tickets. If buyers don't feel secure buying through us, no sellers would be able to resell tickets. If sellers don't feel secure selling through us, there'd be no tickets for consumers to buy. Our goal is to protect buyers when they make a sale but also to respect the rights of the independent sellers who resell tickets through our exchange. No one would resell anything through us if we could unilaterally cancel their sale due to no fault of their own and force them to return money they made.

To try and help a little, we've offered you a nice discount on a new order and could potentially explore opportunities to resell the tickets you no longer desire - please keep us informed!
On Monday, Apr 23, 2012 at 9:04 PM Brian said:
Your site is a scam. It is clear that, through Ticketmaster you have purchasers over a barrel and are running a form of "legal" scalping service.

I should have known that there was something wrong when i read that "all tickets for the monday show of Roger Waters" in Edmonton were sold out and so a second show was scheduled. So how could it be that, when I went to your site months later, there were many seats available for the the first night. Obviously, to panic people into buying tickets at a much higher price than their face value. So I purchased tickets believing I had no option. But at twice the price? I'm sure that when I attend this concert there will be lots of empty seats, and lots of available tickets at the door. In the meantime you guys go laughing all the way to the bank.

I'm F##king disgusted. Oh well, once bitten, twice shy.
Our Response on Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 at 10:18 AM:
Hello Brian! Thank you for your feedback!

Just to explain, we at TL don't actually buy and sell tickets directly. We're a marketplace (like EBay) through which independent ticket-selling agencies resell tickets to events. The major point of the resale market is both to keep tickets on the market long after primary sources (eg: the venue) are otherwise sold out and also to allow early access to ticket guarantees before the general onsale of tickets for an event. It's also worth pointing out that the tickets released to the public by event promoters are often far less than the number of tickets available. Many promoters hold back large numbers of tickets in order to give or distribute those tickets privately to connected individuals, fan clubs, business partners, and so forth. Most ticket shortages are actually due to that factor since the impact of ticket sellers on buying up tickets is inherently limited.

On that note, the tickets on our site are listed by independent sellers and will be available long after Ticketmaster tickets are sold out. It therefore makes sense that tickets for the first night of the event would be available on our site when Ticketmaster does not have further tickets available. It's also worthwhile to point out that tickets (as mentioned above) are not just released in one clump, but often release sporadically by the event promoter. This means that it's possible for new tickets to appear everyday on our exchange from sellers across the United States, Canada, and sometimes even Europe. (Please note, too, that we are not related to Ticketmaster and don't influence when event tickets first go on sale or when new events are scheduled.)

Please also know that we at TL don't pressure or otherwise force people into buying tickets through our nationwide exchange. We don't even employ the little ticket timer that you see on Ticketmaster. We simply let sellers advertise tickets and let consumers choose whether or not to buy them.
On Sunday, Apr 22, 2012 at 5:40 PM Beaulah said:
Dear ticket liquidation:

I am very upset with the ordering of my ball ticket for the Texas Ranger Game to take place on the 23rd of April, I ordered my ticket on the 12th of April and haven't received my ticket yet and I paided

up front including Fedx The game is tomorrow and I haven't my ticfket . I willn't pay any other chargers, therefore I demand that you send my ticket over night too my dwellings. I will never do

business with ticfket liquidations any more, because of this bad experience.
Our Response on Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 at 9:59 AM:
Hello Beaulah! Thank you for leaving feedback in regards to your order experience. We're very sorry to hear about the problems and confusions concerning your ticket purchase. We actually see that your tickets were shipped on April 13th (the same day you ordered) via FedEx tracking number 793452912665. They were delivered to you on April 17th. You would have received an email from us when the FedEx tracking number was created by the seller, when the tickets shipped, and when they were registered by FedEx as being delivered.

Did you check around your home for the package, because FedEx can leave them in out-of-the-way areas? Your ticket seller would be able to input a claim with FedEx if you claim not to have received the package. FedEx informed us that they can nevertheless confirm delivery.

We have contacted you privately, so please do keep us informed!
61-70 of 272 comments.

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