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Read what customers like you have to say about us. Ticket Liquidator is a ticketing website where licensed ticket sellers and people like you can re-sell tickets to events. We could never have grown to be one of the largest ticketing websites in the country without honest feedback from our customers about our successes, our failures, and those areas in-between.

Therefore, we want to hear from YOU.

This feedback page allows you to post your views (good or bad) to be seen by our customers to learn about our company and to help us better serve our consumers.

Please note that we can’t post anything inappropriate. So if you want to be featured on our feedback page, please do so in a polite manner (no obscene language, please!), on-topic (about Ticket Liquidator, not about our competitors or the price of uranium), and truthful (no inaccurate statements). Negative or neutral commentaries will default into arbitration in an attempt to address any order-related problems or customer concerns. Customer feedback will not be posted for such feedback if a customer does not update their commentary to reflect subsequent developments and/or order corrections. We simply only want to have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

So, if wish to leave your feedback, please click here and get started!

21-30 of 1613 comments.
On Friday, Mar 28, 2014 at 1:59 PM Shannon said:
I ordered Coachella tickets for my daughter's birthday from Redzonetickets through ticketliquidator. Well when I received the wrist bands, the box that the wristbands come in was not included. When I contacted Redzonetickets, they informed me that they throw the box away. This is so disappointing as this was a birthday present and Redzonetickets offered no solution to remedy the situation.

FYI Redzonetickets, include the box next year, as I am positive many customers would appreciate, especially if you throw the box away!
Our Response on Friday, Mar 28, 2014 at 2:53 PM:
Hello Shannon! Thanks so much for your feedback! We're very regretful for your unhappiness with the writs bands.

First and foremost, we can all understand your desire to make your daughter's birthday experience as exciting and as inviting as it could possibly be. We're just afraid that we cannot promise specifics when it comes to how tickets are presented to customers so long as the tickets (or the wrist bands) are provided and valid for use.

Added to that, it's also true that we typically expect ticket sellers to use FedEx envelopes for shipping and fulfilling their orders and that sending your order in a larger box would have increased shipping fees. This is likely why your seller defaulted to the norm. They wouldn't have had any intention of creating an issue for you. It just sounds like their options were limited with the box already being thrown away.

Either way, we have reached out to you to offer a little something off a future order! Perhaps that way you and your daughter can spend some other special time together!
On Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014 at 2:28 PM Chris L said:
i just wanted to say i have used ticket liquidators many of times all had a positive experirence service rep was helpful and searched for the best seats possible for me tickets to the event were never late and no problem with downloading tickets people have to understand that your a third party selling for the original owner of the tickets and there are certain fees i will continue to use your service i feel your prices are compatable and even beat compettion prices at times

thank you

Our Response on Thursday, Mar 27, 2014 at 9:40 AM:
Hey Chris! Wow, what a nice review! Thank you SO much! You really took your time with that! We're especially pleased that you were happy with the service provided by our representative. We believe that customer service is one of the main differentiators of our business and we aim to have the friendliest customer service representatives in the industry! Have a wonderful time at your event and please do tell us how it goes for you!!
On Thursday, Mar 13, 2014 at 5:51 PM Sheila said:
My tickets arrived in a timely fashion; however, I was surprised to see that the face value of the tickets was substantially less that what I paid for them. I'd thought I was getting a deal, and if anything, I would be paying the same or less than the original ticket price.
Our Response on Friday, Mar 14, 2014 at 5:31 PM:
Hello Sheila! Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry to hear about your unhappiness with your ticket order.

Based on your comments, it sounds like you were unaware that your tickets were purchased from an independent ticket-selling company. The tickets on our site are all being listed by professional ticket resellers who buy and sell tickets for a living. These resellers price tickets based on their market value - ie: what they feel the tickets are objectively worth on the open market. This figure would be informed by the popularity of the event, the number of tickets available, and the costs incurred by the seller to access the tickets concerned.

In your case, you purchased Orchestra tickets to a popular event in New York City - "The Lion King" - about a week before the event. The tickets you purchased would likely have been sold out from the venue at the time of your order. This explains why the tickets would have been priced above face value by their seller. The marked-up price was what kept the tickets available for purchase when you otherwise would not have been able to find them.

Either way, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed the event! "The Lion King" is certainly a wonderful show! Please feel free to let us know if you'd ever like to shop for tickets in the future. We'd be happy to explain any pricing confusions.
On Tuesday, Mar 04, 2014 at 1:59 PM kimberly said:
I was very disappointed with my tickets, I ordered tickets I thought I was very careful when ordering and was ordering loge center row b, but when my tickets arrived they were all the way to the right.

Not a happy 1st time customer

Kimberly Williams
Our Response on Wednesday, Mar 05, 2014 at 5:38 PM:
Hello Kimberly! Thank you for your comments! We're very sorry for your unhappiness with the tickets you purchased.

Briefly, purchased tickets listed as being:

Event: Yanni Sep 19 2014 8:00PM
Venue: Nokia Theatre Live - LA
Section: LOGE Row: B

In your case, it would appear your seller actually advertised your seats as just being in the row concerned. They didn't actually promise that the seats would be located in the left, right or center section. (Such terms as "Orchestra" or "Mezzanine" do not involve specification as to placement in those sections. Only tickets marked as (eg) "Center Orch" are guaranteed to be in a center section.)

As a result, you purchased tickets that were not promised to be in the Center Loge - but we're nevertheless sorry for the confusion and the unhappiness it caused! We have reached out to offer you a little something off a future order. Please also know that you can reach us 7AM-1AM every day of the week with any questions you may have about tickets prior to placing an order!
On Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014 at 1:49 PM Louis said:
I had never used Ticket Liquidator and thought I give them a try, They had a problem with the Date of the show I wanted to attend. Amy called me a Month before the show and corrected the issue and even got me better seats for the same price.You don't need to worry about Ticket Liquidator they are the real deal. I would use them again and recommend them highly ..Thank You Amy......Lou Ruseskas
Our Response on Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 at 5:16 AM:
Hey Louis! Thanks so much for your very kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you had such a positive experience through us! Enjoy the Allman Brothers and please let us know how everything goes for you!
On Friday, Feb 07, 2014 at 8:58 AM Laurie said:
This morning I went to place an order through Ticket Liquidators & the shopping site Ebates for a Demi Lovato concert in my area. I was very excited to find Ticket Liquidators on the Ebates site along with a discount coupon code for $30 off a $300 order along with the 6% back I would receive from Ebates. My excitement was short lived when I put in the code and it was denied due to being expired. When I went back to Ebates to verify the expiration date, it was listed as expired 12/31/2050-maybe a bit far off, but there it was in black & white. There was also a number to call if you had a problem with this code. I called the # (Tckt Liquidators) & spoke to a nice man who said the expiration date was wrong and the best he could give me was 7% off my order. To get the discount I would need to complete the order with him. I did and hung up. It was only after that, I realized I did not complete my order through Ebates, and therefore lost my 6% from them. I emailed Ebates and explained the situation, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do since the order was not completed through them and the expiration date error was made by the merchant. Subsequently, a survey was sent to me from Ticket Liquidators about my recent phone call to them. My daughter, still in a state of euphoria from getting the tickets took the survey and gave glowing reviews. Now, I would also have said that the young man I spoke with was very nice & did a fine job handling my situation, but I probably would have like to put something in about the expiration date error on Ebates & the fact that I "should" have received my $30 off- customer is always right, as they say, along with my additional 6% from Ebates. I guess it's just water under the bridge now, but please Ticket Liquidators, fix your expiration dates on Ebates so another consumer doesn't have to lose out on what I lost today. Thank You. Laurie M.
Our Response on Friday, Feb 07, 2014 at 10:08 AM:
Hello Laurie! Thanks for your feedback! We're sorry to hear about the confusion regarding Ebates.

On the 6% issue, it is indeed true that you would have to order tickets through a specific Ebates link in order for them to give you credit for the order. Ebates (and other similar sites) track any points or credit offers through links.

On the discount issue, the 2050 expiration date was not something we had originally communicated, since the code concerned was a holiday specific code - hence "Festive13." It also was not a promotion we specifically gave Ebates. We did notice an error with the code on Ebates site in January and advised them of the error.

In this case, it's true we wouldn't be able to force Ebates to credit your order, since that would be their decision. If it helps, though, we'd be happy to extend you a 10% code off the ticket total of a future order. We will send you an email with the code information so you can have that for your records. Hopefully the new code will help to even things out for you!
On Tuesday, Feb 04, 2014 at 12:39 AM Karen said:
Hi I just recently bought a katy perry ticket at barclay on july 25 which is friday. and at the ticketmastr site it says that the event is at 7:30pm. why does the one on our e-ticket says that it is at 7:00pm. did I got a fraud ticket?
Our Response on Tuesday, Feb 04, 2014 at 12:01 PM:
Hello Karen! Thank you for your feedback - but no fear! Sometimes the time for events is altered by the venue or the event promoter after tickets for the event are officially produced. I see here that the venue website shows the event as being at 7:30, so that would be the official time for the event. You'd always want to go with what it says on the venue's website, as opposed to your ticket.
On Monday, Jan 27, 2014 at 9:27 PM Sarah said:
I bought tickets from this website for me and my fiancé for his birthday. First of all there was a $22.60 “Service Fee” PER TICKET which I thought was very high but my fiancé really wanted to see the show so I a paid it anyway. There was also a $15.00 “Delivery Fee” which I also thought was high to have 2 tickets mailed to me. I ordered the tickets on 1/11/14 for a show that was on 1/26/14 believing they would have plenty of time to get to me via Mail. I was told in my conformation email that the tickets would be delivered by the 1/19/14. On 1/23/14 I still had not received my tickets and called customer service to see where they were. Customer service informed me that these were tickets being sold by season ticket holders and they had decided to take them to the venue directly instead of mail them and I could pick them up at will call on the night of the show. I then asked why I had been charged a delivery fee if they were not being delivered to me. The customer service rep explained that that was to cover the cost of the Season ticket hold to deliver them to the venue also which was also ridiculous. There is no way it cost $15.00 for them take the tickets to the venue. On the night of the show the tickets were at will call but were generic ticket with the word “REPRINT” stamped on the ticket. So clearly the tickets had been printed at the venue and there was no delivery involved. I am not happy I paid $15.00 for nothing. A friend of mine bought comparable tickets from another site for the same show and night for a lot less and she got the actual tickets on time. I will be buying tickets elsewhere I the future.

Our Response on Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014 at 10:43 AM:
Hello Sarah! Thanks so much for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the confusion regarding the delivery of your tickets!

To start with, it is indeed true that delivery methods for ticket orders sometimes have to be altered to take into account certain realities - for instance: late ticket shipment by the venue. It's nevertheless true that we rate and rank all the sellers who use our service and we pay attention to whether they fulfill orders using the delivery method chosen during checkout. Sellers who change delivery methods are flagged and are penalized for any such changes. Your seller would only alter the delivery method on your order because they absolutely had to do so.

In regards to the fees on our site, the service fee represents 20% of your total ticket price and pays for website maintenance, billing security, and customer service. The delivery fee varies, but, for FedEx Standard Delivery, it is indeed $15. (This is actually the same fee charged for Will Call tickets. The purpose is to compensate sellers for driving to the venue, parking, having the tickets re-printed, and so forth.)

In your situation, though, we're sorry for the confusion regarding the delivery issue and would be happy to send you a check for your delivery fee and extend you a discount off a future order. A manager will reach out to you with the appropriate information.

We sincerely hope that helps!
On Wednesday, Jan 08, 2014 at 4:12 PM Andrea said:
This is the 3rd or 4th time I have used Ticket Liquidator and absolutely love it. Tickets that are sold out on Ticketmaster are available here at a great price. The are always good tickets and are delivered easily and promptly. I am happy, satisfied and will remain a loyal customer.
Our Response on Thursday, Jan 09, 2014 at 9:57 AM:
Hello Andrea! Thanks so much for your kind words about our service! We do our very best to ensure that ticket availability remains high even close to the start date of an event. We know how difficult it can be to find tickets - especially to really popular events - and we're always glad to help out the fans!!
On Monday, Dec 23, 2013 at 8:55 PM Greg said:
I was entering the wrong promo code for free shipping, I entered hero07, which was not accepted. After I placed the order I realized it was hero7. Is there any way this can be applied to my order now?

Thank you

Our Response on Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013 at 4:03 PM:
Hello Greg! Thanks for your feedback! We're sorry to hear about the confusion in regards to the discount. It would actually appear that the discount could not be applied to your order because it can only be used on orders valued at a certain amount or over - but, hey, it's the holidays! We've therefore created a new code for you of a higher value that you can use on a future order within the next six months. The code doesn't have an order total limit, so you can use it whenever your heart desires. Have a wonderful holidays with your friends and family!!
21-30 of 1613 comments.

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