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Whether you're looking for entertainment news, tour rumors, theater reviews, sports analysis, or just random nonsense, the Live Toast team is here to serve it up fresh. We invite you to meet our staff of dedicated writers:



Born deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle and raised by a troupe of roving Ranchera music players, Andrés is a diehard Boston sports fans who celebrated the 2004 ALCS victory of Red Sox over the Yankees as the sun rose on the Mediterranean. His primary focus will be sports, but expect some pop culture and current event commentary from time to time. When not developing content for Ticket Liquidator, he can be found enjoying beer, baseball, disc golf and bull fighting. He once shot himself in the thumb with a B.B. gun in an attempt to discern if the gun was firing correctly. It was.

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Brittany’s musical interests range from Hendrix to Beethoven, from Coltrane to Metallica. She enjoys Wes Anderson films, used bookstores, and gothic architecture. Brittany wishes she had been named Layla as her mother went into labor with her at an Eric Clapton concert and because people often nickname her Britney Spears, which she feels is deeply unfortunate. Raised in Philadelphia, Brittany will be the first to tell you that the best cheesesteak in the city is neither Geno’s nor Pat’s (it’s Jim’s on South Street), and no matter what the event, someone is bound to break out in an E-A-G-L-E-S chant. Some highlights of her youth include playing guitar with the Paul Green School of Rock, competing at the Little League Softball World Series in Portland, and being an extra in a Will Smith music video. When Brittany isn’t writing content for TicketLiquidator, she’s chipping away at her Master’s degree or procrastinating by watching bad horror movies on Netflix.

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Dyana’s interests tend to include anything related to drawing, painting, photography, country music, a good movie or television show found on Netflix from time to time, and Boston sports (particularly the New England Patriots). Chances are, you’ll catch her ranting and raving about the Pats after an incredible win or a disappointing loss or writing a review about the newest country song she was singing along to in the car. Stay tuned to read about whatever random topics catch her attention!

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Fatima is a huge fan of love and cats. Her passion is people and one day strives to fix all the broken pieces of the world. Despite what you might hear from her coworkers, knock-knock jokes are her forte. Pizza. Pizza all day everyday. That’s her motto. When she’s not busy being TL’s Jill of all Trades, you can find Fatima eating or sleeping because she’s not all that fun.

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Good luck meeting a bigger St. Louis Cardinals fan. One day in 1991, a four-year-old version of John Paul was annoyed at his older siblings for whatever reason (maybe they told him to eat his vegetables), and since they were Yankees fans, he decided he didn’t want to be a Yankees fan any longer. Instead, he opened The Hartford Courant and decided to root for that team that scored the most runs. The Cardinals beat the Giants by a lot, and the stubborn JP has been sticking with the Cardinals ever since. JP can also thank his siblings for his U2 fandom – he’s seen U2 live over 40 times. Besides the Cardinals and U2, JP enjoys the finer things in life – flag football, baseball simulation leagues, Taco Bell, and Mountain Dew. He fears only alligators, crocodiles, and brain aneurysms. Just don’t call him John.

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Rachel was proudly born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio (sister cities with Munich, you know) and continues to be a serious Reds and Bengals fan, no matter how disappointing they are. She enjoys beer, flowers, and supposedly writing for pleasure, but generally can’t be drawn away from reading fan fiction or watching Rizzoli & Isles and other various dramedic TV shows long enough to do so. In college, she spent her time scoring goals and defending hoops playing Quidditch before switching to rugby, during which time her easily-bruised body frequently looked like a zombie’s gray, purple, and green one. Primarily a country music fan, she will also listen to whatever is on the radio and inevitably sing along.

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Toni joined the Ticket Liquidator family when her fellow team members rescued her from a halfway house for recovering crazy cat ladies. She is probably best known for having discovered the insidious and deadly disease known as BHSS (Born to Have Servants Syndrome), thus giving sufferers everywhere a glimmer of hope that they are not simply a bunch of pathetic slobs. In her next incarnation, Toni has decided to sing like Aretha Franklin, cook like Paula Deen, travel like Anthony Bourdain, and look like Angelina Jolie, thus inevitably becoming the ruler of the universe.

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