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In my other life, I write books. On my kitchen shelf, you’ll find a mug with a picture of a typewriter and the caption "Careful – you might end up in my novel." I’ve never actually sought revenge on anyone by immortalizing them in print but I understand the impulse. It’s a form of power. If someone pisses me off, I can do horrible things to them. Humiliate them, take away whatever they love most, kill them slowly and painfully, or all three.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the people most likely to make me angry enough to commit literary mayhem probably don’t read for pleasure, and those who buy my books would have no idea who I based the characters on.

You see, I’m not Taylor Swift.

Swift admits "Bad Blood" is about an unnamed female artist who attempted to sabotage one of her concert tours. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said the situation made her uncomfortable. So, of course, she wrote a song about it, shot a video (in which Swift, a superhero, is pitted against a nemesis that looks remarkably like Katy Perry), released it as a single, ensuring that thousands of radio stations would play it tens of thousands of times to hundreds of thousands of fans, most of whom know exactly who Swift is singing about.


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June Team Picks

June 1, 2015
Team Picks

Can you believe it's June already? Time is flying, and that means there's only a few weeks left to buy NBA Finals tickets, Bonnaroo tickets, and Belmont Stakes tickets. Check out our team's monthly picks below, and secure your seats to a summer event near you before they're all sold out!

NBA Finals

NBA Finals

"What an exciting finish to the NBA season this has turned out to be. LeBron is back in the Finals after taking his talents back to Cleveland, while Steph Curry and the Warriors have looked downright unbeatable for stretches this season. It's looking to be an epic fight for the Larry O'Brien Trophy so if you can make it to a game get your tickets now!" -- Andres



"It’s Bonnaroo time! The festival only comes once a year, so now is your very last chance to party in Tennessee with such diverse acts as Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons, Deadmau5, Slayer, and more! Don’t miss out on this legendary weekend of music, art, and entertainment of all flavors – buy your Bonnaroo tickets today!" -- Brittany


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Country Megaticket

Concert season is officially in full swing as country artists kick off their summer tours and make their way to Xfinity Theatre. It’s that time again to figure out carpools, which lot to post up in, and most importantly, who to see live! Every year you await the release of Rascal Flatts' tour schedule and skim the dates for Hartford. Every year you end up in the same predicament: should I buy tickets to Florida Georgia Line or Brad Paisley?

And then, after you’ve decided on a couple of shows to attend, you find out that your friends are also going to Tim McGraw and convince you to go to Lady Antebellum because Hunter Hayes (HEART THROB) will also be performing. So, by the end of summer, you've attended 7 out of 8 shows listed on the Xfinity Theatre MegaTicket, and only missed Toby Keith because you couldn’t request the day off from work in time. You find yourself asking, "Why didn't I just skip out on all the heartache and buy the Country MegaTicket?!"

Luckily, it is not the end of the summer and you still have time to get your concert plans in order, so get to it! Jason Aldean will be kicking off the conglomerate of Country MegaTicket shows at the Xfinity Theatre on May 29th with Cole Swindell and Tyler Farr, and Florida Georgia Line will take the final show on the MegaTicket on September 11th, accompanied by Thomas Rhett and Frankie Ballard. Although Luke Bryan will not be making a stop at Xfinity Theatre this year (SAD FACE), check out more of the biggest country stars who will be making an appearance:

Country MegaTicket - Xfinity Theatre, Hartford CT

May 29 -- Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell, Tyler Farr
June 14 -- Rascal Flatts, Scotty McCreery, Ashley Monroe
July 10 -- Toby Keith, Chris Janson
July 17 -- Tim McGraw, Chase Bryant
July 25 -- Brad Paisle, Justin Moore, Mickey Guyton
Aug 15 -- Lady Antebellum, Hunter Hayes, Sam Hunt
Sept 11 -- Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, Frankie Ballard

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The Foo Fighters just set out on their epic 2015 Sonic Highways Tour, so now's the perfect time to test your knowledge. Can you match the lyrics to the song?

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Happy Memorial Day weekend! Here's some tunes to kick-off your mini-vacation and hopefully opening that pool!

1.) "School’s Out" – Alice Cooper

How can you not love Alice Cooper? Look at that face.

2.) "Rockaway Beach" – The Ramones

Punk rock meets surf rock. Perf.

3.) "Doin’ Time" – Sublime

Summertimeeeeee, and the livin's easy.

4.) "Jammin'" – Bob Marley

Nothing says relaxing like a little reggae.

5.) "Summer Love" – Justin Timberlake

Just pretend you're drinking a margarita with JT alone on a private beach...


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What U2 Song Are You?

May 19, 2015

U2 just launched their epic 2015 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour, and it's getting rave reviews. Find out here which U2 song most closely aligns with your rockin' personality.

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Comedy Central's Amy Schumer has gone viral in her most recent sketch as she pokes fun at late night talk show interviews with vapid celebrities, targeting Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively, specifically. With shimmering golden legs and giggles for days, Schumer harnesses the spirit of hollow Hollywood and satirizes the "cool girl" that every guy fawns over.

Starting next week, Amy Schumer is bringing her comedy to cities across the U.S. on her Back Door tour. In fact, this season is packed with laughter as big-name comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart, Lewis Black, and more embark on epic tours of their own. Check out the schedules for these talented entertainers who all have shows going on sale this week:


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Is the NL Central Race Already Over?

May 8, 2015

The St. Louis Cardinals received awful news weeks back when ace Adam Wainwright suffered an Achilles injury. The injury will sideline the Cardinals hurler for the remainder of the season. There's no way around it: the Cardinals simply can't replace Wainwright, who is a perennial Cy Young candidate. Tyler Lyons and Tim Cooney have both taken turns in St. Louis' rotation, and neither looks to be an answer.

Luckily for St. Louis general manager John Mozeliak, he doesn't need an answer right now, since the Cardinals are off to the best start in franchise history at 21-7.

The Cardinals begin a road trip on Friday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Many predicted St. Louis to win the NL Central this season, but the Pirates were the consensus No. 2, and were widely seen as a legitimate challenger for the NL Central crown.

So far this season, the Pirates haven't shown up. Pittsburgh has gotten off to a 13-15 start and find themselves 8 games behind St. Louis in the division. Last weekend, the Cardinals swept the Pirates, winning each game in an extra inning walk-off. Pittsburgh very well could have won those three games, but they didn't -- and now they find themselves needing to take at least two-of-three this weekend at PNC.

Yes, it's early. But if the Pirates find themselves 9 or 11 games out on Sunday night, it'll be a season-long struggle for Pittsburgh to overtake the Cardinals atop the NL Central.

No, St. Louis isn't going to play .750 ball all season long. The Redbirds will cool off. The hot start, however, has afforded the Cardinals a major luxury -- they can wait for the trade market to materialize before making a trade for another starting pitcher. Cole Hamels and Johnny Cueto are obvious targets, but Cueto is unlikely to be dealt within the division. While Hamels isn't quite as good as Wainwright, he can pitch at the top of a playoff rotation -- and St. Louis will need a pitcher like Hamels to win the World Series.

St. Louis' season could easily have taken a turn for the worse after Wainwright's injury. For a brief moment, it looked like the wheels were going to fall off the wagon -- the day after Waino suffered his injury, Lance Lynn lost to the Milwaukee Brewers (who currently sit 12.5 games out of first). The very next day, the Cardinals opened their homestand with a loss to the Philadelphia Phillies -- the second-worst team in the NL.

Since then, the Cardinals rattled off 8 straight victories, and have won 9 of their last 10 games.

It's early, and it's a long season. Teams have given up gigantic leads in the span of one month, let alone five. But right now, it looks like the NL Central will once again belong to the Cardinals -- and it could be a runaway this time.

All trademarks remain property of their respective owners. does not claim any right or ownership to any of the names contained in this release. These names are strictly used for descriptive purposes and do not imply an endorsement or partnership.

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"Soldier, soldier, we signed our lives away
Complete surrender, the only weapon we know
Soldier, soldier, we knew the world would never be the same
Soldier, this is where you can reach me now"

U2's penultimate track from Songs of Innocence, "This is Where You Can Reach Me Now," begins in an unfamiliar fashion -- with a tribal drum beat and seagulls, before yielding way to piano and an acoustic guitar. The odd introduction has Danger Mouse's fingerprints all over it, which is a very good thing. When it's all said and done "Reach Me Now" is one of the best songs on Innocence.

"Reach Me Now" begins with both Bono and the Edge singing the song's excellent chorus, with Bono and The Edge chanting out "Soldier, soldier." Once the chorus ends, a Halloween-esque synthesizer that tips its cap back to both The Doors and Broken Bells begins, and a driving bassline takes over the song. Bono wisely utilizes his lower register during the song's verses, and the song is much better off for it -- it's something that the frontman doesn't use often, but when he uses it, he uses it wisely, and "Reach Me Now" is better for it.

The song's prechorus is a highlight of the album. "Old man knows that I never listen, so how could I have something to say? Old man knows how to cheat ambition, 'You don't lose, if you don't play," Bono wails, before the song launches into its infectious and rocking chorus.

Written about rejecting the notion of not chasing your dreams, "We're taking the path of most resistance, the only way for us to go, and being a soldier in a far off land, "Reach Me Now" works lyrically, musically and thematically on Innocence, and could very well be the song that U2 opens the iNNOCENCE+eXPERIENCE Tour with. In an alternate universe, U2 would've saved "Winter" from No Line on the Horizon and paired it with "Reach Me Now," as both songs share a military theme.

The band reportedly planned on opening the album with "Reach Me Now," and frankly should have. Nothing against Innocence's first single, "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)," but "Reach Me Now" is a better song -- even if it's not a single. With the album literally given away to 500,000,000 people for free whether they wanted it or not, beginning Innocence with a song that takes over a minute to really know whether or not it's U2 would've seemed prudent. "Reach Me Now" is unmistakably U2, but you wouldn't know it until the song's verses come and go.

Ultimately, "This is Where You Can Reach Me Now" sounds like a song that U2 could've written for War, but with the craftsmanship that they've developed in the 21st century.

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May Team Picks

May 4, 2015
Team Picks

Happy May! It's time to start planning your month because May is packed with epic spring events. As usual, the TL team has their own recommendations to help you decide which tickets to buy this month:

NHL Playoffs

NHL Playoffs

"After a wild season, the hunt for the Stanley Cup is still on, and there's nothing in the world that compares to playoff hockey! Be there to see the most exciting sports action of the year because you never know what is going to happen during an NHL playoff game." -- Andres

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

"The Foos are embarking on a huge tour this summer supporting their latest album, Sonic Highways, and you can be there to hear their new hits live in concert for the first time ever. Dave Grohl and the gang always puts on a rockin’ show, so don’t miss out!" -- Brittany


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