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The 8 Worst Nickelback Songs

November 18, 2014

We all know that Nickelback is everybody’s favorite band to hate. They were named the second worst band of the 90’s in Rolling Stone only behind Creed. They frequently get booed off stage and even had rocks thrown at them by fans in Portugal. However, some people merely hop on the Nickelback-hating bandwagon. If you want to truly know why Nickelback is one of the worst bands in existence, besides the obvious like Chad Kroeger’s whiny voice and some of the weakest instrumentation ever to be recorded, listen carefully to the following song lyrics and my subsequent commentary.

1.) “Rock Star” – Besides being considered one of the worst songs of all time, "Rock Star" was a new low even for Nickelback. While there may be a hint of irony in the song’s lyrics, I am fairly certain given their repertoire of shallow and derivative music that they truly believe being surrounded by Playboy bunnies and washed-up singers is the epitome of cool. The song not only celebrates drugs, mindless sex, and narcissism, but Nickelback even managed to throw in a ridiculous non-sequitor: “I’ll have a quesadilla on the house.” What’s more alarming than their total vacuity, disillusionment, and cookie-cutter rhymes (e.g. bars/stars) is that the lyrics contradict each other within just a few lines. Kroeger oscillates from having eight body guards and fifteen cars to not being able to eat and resorting to cheap substances. The lack of identity conveyed is apparent for the simple reason that they wrote the most general of lyrics about the false security of celebrity life, but they even go so far as to state how willing they are to give up their inherent character in an attempt to achieve this sad and soulless condition: “I’m gonna trade this life/ For fortune and fame/ I'd even cut my hair/ And change my name.” If that sentiment doesn’t deeply depress you, then perhaps you should reevaluate yourself as well.

2.) “Something in Your Mouth” – The title alone should tell you this song is a feminist’s nightmare. Nickelback wants YOU to know that “you look so much cuter with something in your mouth.” Excuse me Chad Kroeger, but you look better when you don’t open your mouth. Not only are these lyrics offensive and poorly written, but they border on misogynistic. The song plays into their overarching themes of drugs/money/hookers, which they clearly think is pure genius, but obviously the extent of Nickelback’s depth is a pink thong in a dirty strip club. The only real home for such a travesty is in another dull installment of American Pie where it will hopefully expire along with the series’ idiocy. The fact that Nickelback had the audacity to pretend this is a real piece of musical art is nothing short of revolting. They demonstrate the classic virgin/whore complex that you’d think would have died off with our grandparents’ generation, but unfortunately untalented hacks like Nickelback keep reviving the mentality that women have fought so hard to eliminate from our culture. Way to go guys, you represent everything that is wrong with society.

3.) “Figured You Out” – The opening line to this gem is: “I like your pants around your feet.” Brilliant. And it only gets worse. He speaks of said woman as his favorite “disease” and goes on to sing, “I love your lack of self-respect.” I’m beginning to wonder if Kroeger is an actual woman-hater. He loves the “white stains” on her dress as well as putting his “hands around her neck.” To even the most uneducated of listeners, one can infer that he is advocating domestic violence and the devaluation of females. Kind of concerning. Perhaps the karma police decided it was time to serve up some justice though because the Vancouver-based band Econoline sued Nickelback for copyright infringement. Lesson? If you’re going to write horrible music, it best be your own. The simplicity also has a striking resemblance to Dr. Seuss: “And I love the places that we go/ And I love the people that you know.” Perhaps children’s authors should check periodically that Nickelback isn’t plagiarizing them either.


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Tips to Prepare for Winter

It’s November, which means winter is right around the corner, and in the majority of the Northern Hemisphere it’s already getting cold. Most of us can agree it sucks. However, in addition to counting down the days ‘til spring, here are a few things we can all do to make this horrible season a little more bearable.

1.) Layer up – The first step is acceptance. Acknowledge that it is indeed frigid outside, and break out the heavy coat. Don’t be an idiot and wear your fall jacket through December because you’re too stubborn to do something about the fact that you’re freezing your butt off. Or maybe you’re one of those people who don’t actually have a winter coat because you’re perpetually in denial that winter is a thing. Get one. Personally, I have a puffy snow coat to get out of storage soon that has served me well. However, now that I’m a grown-up, I’m planning on getting something warm that is more appropriate for wearing places other than the sledding hill. If you don’t have a winter coat, or one you like to wear, invest in a nice one. Yes, nice coats cost a lot. But you’ll get good use out of it for many years to come. And you won’t have to be in denial any longer.

2.) Wake up twenty minutes earlier – Don’t ignore the weather forecast. Whether the newscaster is predicting a blizzard or just freezing temperatures, your car will inevitably be covered in either snow or frost. Getting up about twenty minutes earlier will allow you extra time to shovel, warm the car up, make a hot cup of coffee, and scrape the ice off your windows. Snowy roads = no bueno for the morning commute, so that earlier alarm will also provide you with a more relaxing drive to work. Sure, you’ll lose a little bit of sleep, but what's twenty minutes anyway? You'll be grateful you took the time to ensure your safety and comfort at the peak of winter.

3.) Make a seasonal playlist - In December, that might consist of holiday music, but otherwise, align your song choices with the weather. Choose dark, heavy, and grungy bands like System of a Down, Metallica, or Nirvana for times when you want to embrace the freezing, gloomy grayness. You should have some bright, chipper stuff as well like Katy Perry, Ingrid Michaelson, or Matt Nathanson for when all you’re thinking is “screw winter!” and want to be reminded of better days.

4.) Cuddle - After you’ve been outside, come home and snuggle up with a blanket on the couch with a hot beverage and a good movie or book. It sounds cliché, but doesn’t it also sound fantastic? If you have a fireplace, light a fire. If you don’t, that wouldn’t be wise. Winter is a great time to catch up on things you want to watch or read, because it’s just so miserable outside that you have no desire to do anything else. Also, cuddling up close with someone or something when it’s cold just makes you feel good. Whether that’s a significant other, a close friend, a pet, or just something soft, it’s guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and warm fuzzies ward off the cold).

5.) Snow play - When the first big snow falls, get some friends together to hang out. While we’re on the topic of planning ahead, this will require you to have good gloves, snow pants, etc. You will also need to acquire a sled. Go buy a cheap one at Walmart or Target. Do it. Seriously, think like a kid. Snow is something to cheer about, not curse. Have a snowball fight, and trek up the nearest (safe) big hill to fly down it on a snowboard. Snow should be fun, not frustrating! It’s one of the few winter things that can possibly be construed as positive. Don’t waste the opportunity to go wild!

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6 Epic Thanksgiving Fails

November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! Here are some of the season's funniest fails to put a little laughter in your day.

1.) Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Dies, Hundreds of Children Emotionally Scarred

2.) Caught! American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery Starts Lip Syncing Too Late

3.) Family Burns Turkey, Nearly Sets House on Fire

4.) Another Atrocious Attempt at Music from the Producer of Rebecca Black's "Friday"

5.) Woman Terrified of POP Sound When Opening Pillsbury Biscuit Pressure Tin

6.) Staten Island Overrun by Wild Turkeys, Local Population Reacts Accordingly

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Events On Sale 11-13-14

Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our event of the week is Bette Midler. The Divine Miss M is back and better than ever on her "It's the Girls!" 2015 tour. Tickets are selling fast, so browse the Better Midler schedule to see when this showgirl will be performing in a city near you! The official on-sale for Taylor Swift tickets is tomorrow as well. Buy yours soon before all the seats to T-Swift's 1989 tour are booked! Nickelback has huge on-sales in over 60 cities this Saturday, so if you're a Chad Kroeger fan, check them out on their 2015 tour with The Pretty Reckless. For tickets to these events and more, head over to Ticket Liquidator.





Alan Jackson Saturday, 11/15/14 Portland, ME
Bette Midler Monday, 11/17/14 Philadelphia, PA; Toronto, ON; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; San Jose, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Anaheim, CA
Billy Joel Friday, 11/14/14 Orlando, FL; New York, NY
Billy Joel Friday, 11/21/14 Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA
Bob Seger Saturday, 11/15/14 Glendale, AZ; Inglewood, CA
Brad Paisley Friday, 11/14/14 Youngstown, OH
Chris Brown Friday, 11/17/14 Charlotte, NC; Greensboro, NC; Detroit, MI; Hampton, VA; Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Greensboro, NC; Sunrise, FL; Columbus, OH; Detroit, MI; Philadelphia, PA; Toronto, ON; New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX; Toronto, ON; New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Nashville, TN; East Rutherford, NJ; Brooklyn, NY; East Rutherford, NJ; Rosemont, IL; Las Vegas, NV; Inglewood, CA; San Jose, CA; Baltimore, MD; Worcester, MA; Washington, DC
Dancing with the Stars Thursday, 11/13/14 Atlanta, GA
Dancing with the Stars Friday, 11/14/14 Windsor, ON
Florida Georgia Line Friday, 11/14/14 Atlantic City, NJ; Columbia, MD; Orange Beach, AL; Milwaukee, WI
Florida Georgia Line Friday, 11/21/14 Kanata, ON
Garth Brooks Friday, 11/14/14 Tulsa, OK
Garth Brooks Friday, 11/21/14 Boston, MA
Keith Urban Friday, 11/14/14 Edmonton, AB
Kenny Chesney Friday, 11/21/14 Pittsburgh, PA; Green Bay, WI; Kansas City, MO

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Music Conspiracies

1.) Dark Side of the Rainbow – One of the most famous music conspiracies claims that if you play Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz at the same time, they eerily sync together and complement each other. Though band members purport that it’s merely a coincidence, there is a strange relationship between the 1973 album and the 1939 film. Firstly, the now-famous album art of Dark Side – the dispersive prism – corresponds with the transition from black-and-white to Technicolor when Dorothy travels from Kansas to Oz. Secondly, noticeable music changes occur conveniently at important moments in the movie. Thirdly, thematic elements of both works coincide (e.g. the song “Brain Damage” plays while the scarecrow sings “If I Only Had a Brain”). There are many other weird pairings that happen when you begin playing Dark Side at precisely the third roar of the MGM lion at the start of The Wizard of Oz. See for yourself!

2.) Jim Morrison is still alive – Because the circumstances surrounding the death of Jim Morrison remain mysterious – no official autopsy, contradictory police reports, etc. – there are many who believe he is still alive. His wife, Pamela Courson, gave several differing accounts of what happened, including one where she takes responsibility for his death, and later Alain Ronay, a close friend of Morrison, confessed that he helped cover up the death scene. Considerable credence has been given to the theory that he’s still alive. Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist for the Doors at the time, said in an interview with the Huffington Post that it’s possible that Morrison faked his own death, “French death certificate, pay off an Algerian doctor a couple thousand dollars to sign it, put a hundred and fifty pounds of sand or bricks in a coffin and put it in the ground. It's possible.” Morrison’s grave remained unmarked for a while at Pere’ La Chaise Cemetery, which is curious for a public figure, and no one saw Morrison’s body after he died, not even his family, nor were they informed of the impromptu funeral, which was only attended by five people. Manzarek told the Huffington Post that he received the news from the Doors’ manager:

Manager: “We buried a coffin, and Jim Morrison was in that coffin, and he's now buried and dead.”
Ray Manzarek: “He's dead, you buried him?”
Doors Manger: “Yes.”
Ray Manzarek: “How did he die?”
Doors Manager: “Well, it’s all in French, I can't read it. Something about his heart stopped.”
Ray Manzarek: “Well, how did he look?”
Doors Manager: “I don't know.”
Ray Manzarek: “What do you mean you don't know?”
Doors Manger: “I never saw the was a sealed coffin.”

Curious indeed.

Must-See Holiday Events

Halloween is over and though Thanksgiving is still weeks away, in the retail world it’s already Christmas. That’s right, that means it’s time to start planning your holiday event schedule. Here are some seasonal show recommendations for when you need to get yourself (or your family) out of the house:

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

1.) Radio City Christmas Spectacular – an American classic. This wondrous show of over 140 performers is perfect for all ages. As a montage of timeless holiday stories, the fabulous Radio City Rockettes dance, sing, and prance around the stage, creating both humor and awe as they weave together your favorite tales. The Christmas Spectacular is one of the oldest and most popular New York traditions, having started in 1933 and garnering over one million viewers per year. So if you’re in the NYC area, pick up Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets to see one of the most famous Christmas productions in the country. Make a day out of it by visiting Rockefeller Center to go ice skating and see its renowned giant Christmas tree. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular begins its performances today, November 7th.

Disney On Ice: Frozen

2.) Disney on Ice: Frozen – a child’s dream come true. Frozen captured the hearts of many last year and continues to enchant kids and parents alike. The soundtrack has made record-breaking sales with “Let It Go” being one of the hottest Disney songs of the past decade. Disney on Ice: Frozen is the closest experience to the film possible, and your family will love you forever if you take them to see Anna, Elsa, and Olaf the Snowman come to life right before their eyes. For perhaps the first time ever, ice skating versions of these now-famous Disney characters are totally appropriate as they trudge through snow and deflect icy powers. Check out the Disney on Ice: Frozen schedule to find out when the show will be coming to a venue near you.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

3.) Trans-Siberian Orchestra – a rockin’ Christmas. TSO puts on one of the best rock concerts of the year, holiday-themed or not. These talented musicians know how to make Christmas music enjoyable, and they most definitely know how to play an amazing show. The theme for their current tour is “The Christmas Attic” named after their 1998 album. TSO’s narrator typically begins the concert with his soulful voice and sets the scene, this time with the story of a young girl who has snuck up to her attic on Christmas Eve only to find an enchanted trunk acting as a portal to the past. Face-melting guitar solos will follow as well as excellent instrumentation from the orchestra. The Washington Post called it a “symphonic rock extravaganza (think Pink Floyd meets Yes and the Who at Radio City Music Hall).” So, if you want a Christmas outing that truly rocks, buy Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets for an unforgettable show.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical

4.) How The Grinch Stole Christmas – a holiday Seussical. If you love Dr. Seuss or just Cindy Lou Who and her unwavering hope for the Grinch, then get tickets to this one-of-a-kind production! Featuring the songs you know and love from the film like “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch!”, this performance is both funny and heart-warming, the ideal combination for a Christmas show. There are many productions of this hit musical playing throughout the U.S., including the Theater at Madison Square Garden, so take a look at the How the Grinch Stole Christmas schedule to plan the best date for you and your loved ones to help the Grinch and Cindy carve the roast beast!

Elf: The Musical

5.) Elf: The Musical – a hilarious evening with Buddy the Elf. Will Ferrell captured your heart in 2003's instant classic Elf, and now the wintry joy and fun is returning to the big stage! See William “Buddy” Hobbs, a fully grown man raised in the North Pole, wandering around New York City in search of his father. When faced with a family who doesn’t believe in Santa, Buddy must restore their holiday spirit to power Santa’s sleigh and save Christmas. You’ll fall in love with Buddy all over again with this wonderful musical adaptation, so get your Elf: The Musical tickets today for one of the season’s most talked about plays!

Jingle Ball 2014

6.) Jingle Ball – the star-studded radio party of the year. Local radio stations across the country host an annual multi-performer concert called Jingle Ball, featuring lineups you won’t want to miss. Artists like Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Fall Out Boy, and 5 Seconds of Summer are just some of the huge names you’ll see live in concert at a Jingle Ball near you. If you’re interested in seeing a bunch of your favorite singers for only one admission price, then I highly recommend Jingle Ball tickets. Hear T-Swift’s “Shake It Off,” Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” and more hit songs of 2014 on select Jingle Ball tour dates.

A Christmas Story: The Musical

7.) A Christmas Story: The Musical – triple-dog-daring musical experience. If one of your holiday traditions is to watch the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story on TBS from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day, then this musical adaptation is the right holiday event for you. The cult classic is brought to life on stage, leg lamp and all, to show you that you’re not the only one with a kooky family. Cheer on Ralphie as he attempts to convince his teacher, Santa, and his parents to deliver the coveted Red Ryder BB gun on Christmas morning, and laugh at the insanity that ensues, including Ralphie very nearly shooting his eye out. A Christmas Story: The Musical tickets are a great way to bring together your crazy family this year.

The Nutcracker

8.) The Nutcracker – a beautiful, adventurous ballet. Another family tradition around this time of year is to see the enduring play, The Nutcracker. Ballet companies all over the world present their version of this masterpiece every Christmas season. In fact, many American dance companies make 40% of their yearly profits from Nutcracker revenue alone. Your children will be awed by the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Mouse King, and the Land of the Sweets, so get your Nutcracker tickets soon for a classy holiday experience.

A Christmas Carol

9.) A Christmas Carol – a Dickensian delight. Visit the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future this season with A Christmas Carol tickets. This story stretches back to 1843 and is so popular that it’s become a staple of our culture. A Christmas Carol has experienced countless film adaptations from The Muppets to Patrick Stewart, and luckily it gets revived on the stage every year as well! Witness the magic of a changing heart live as Scrooge realizes the consequences of his ways. Treat the Bah Humbugger in your life to this classic and revitalize your own Christmas spirit in the process.

Cirque Dreams: Holidaze

10.) Cirque Dreams: Holidaze – an acrobatic Christmas card. This multi-faceted production combines circus elements and famous holiday figures into a truly unique Christmas extravaganza. Cirque Dreams: Holidaze features 30 artists in 20 acts and over 300 costumes! A variety show like you’ve never seen before, Holidaze will leave you completely captivated. These talented performers have trained hard to bring you this seasonal sensation, so check the Cirque Dreams: Holidaze schedule to see when these shape-shifters will be defying gravity near you!

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Events On Sale This Week

Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our event of the week is Taylor Swift. The newly crowned pop princess just announced her 1989 World Tour after the incredible week her fifth album had on the sales charts, breaking records and selling over a million copies in only seven days. Swift’s 2015 tour is going to be one of the most popular of the year, so make sure to buy your Taylor Swift concert tickets as soon as possible because they will go fast. Take a look at the list below for big names with new tour dates like Nickelback, Miranda Lambert, One Direction, Garth Brooks, Enrique Iglesias, and Bob Seger! Cirque du Soleil: Varekai has announced new cities as well, just in time for the holiday shopping season, which has officially begun! For tickets to these events and more, head over to Ticket Liquidator.





Alan Jackson Friday, 11/7/14 Grand Prairie, TX; Independence, MO; Morrison, CO; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA
Alan Jackson Saturday, 11/8/14 Wilmington, NC
Alan Jackson Friday, 11/7/14 Independence, MO
Billy Joel Friday, 11/14/14 Orlando, FL
Bob Seger Friday, 11/7/14 Duluth, GA; Tampa, FL; Duluth, GA; Tampa, FL; Sunrise, FL; Estero, FL; Wichita, KS
Bob Seger Saturday, 11/8/14 Houston, TX; Dallas, TX
Brad Paisley Friday, 11/7/14 Morgantown, WV
Britney Spears Saturday, 11/8/14 Las Vegas, NV
Celtic Woman Friday, 11/7/14 Hamilton, ON
Dancing with the Stars Friday, 11/7/14 Jacksonville, FL; Robinsonville, MS
Dancing with the Stars Monday, 11/10/14 Phoenix, AZ; Windsor, ON
Enrique Iglesias Thursday, 11/6/14 Minneapolis, MN; Austin, TX; Lubbock, TX; Rosemont, IL; Corpus Christi, TX; Denver, CO; El Paso, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; Bakersfield, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Fresno, CA
Eric Church Friday, 11/7/14 Salt Lake City, UT; Spokane, WA
Fleetwood Mac Monday, 11/10/14 Washington, DC
Florida Georgia Line Friday, 11/7/14 Charlottesville, VA

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Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean Tour

I was a bit surprised to learn that Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean are going on tour together in 2015 because their styles are drastically different. Chesney is classic country – his voice is soulful, his songs make you feel good. Chesney won Entertainer of the Year at the CMAs four out of five years from 2004-2008. Aldean, however, is new era – his style aligns more with rock and hip-hop, his songs are rougher. Aldean has only won two CMAs, one of which was for a duet with Kelly Clarkson where she clearly overshadowed him. Chesney and Aldean just don’t fit. I especially don’t think Aldean’s big new auto-tune song, “Burnin’ it Down,” for which his half of the tour is named, goes along with the Chesney vibe. It has even been labeled an R&B tune, nowhere close to songs such as Chesney’s “Beer in Mexico” or “Don’t Blink.”

Many Chesney fans, as noted on his Facebook page, were very bothered by the announcement of the joint tour. One expressed, “Can we just pay a Kenny price and come in after Bro Country gets off the stage?” (Bro Country being a derogatory term for new era, hip-hop-inspired country.) Another with the same sentiment commented, “You mean Jason ‘hip-hop’ Aldean? No thanks.” All comments earned more than 160 likes. Many other Chesney fans commented similarly – that they weren’t Aldean fans and would have to pass on the concert, or would simply come after Aldean had finished performing because he isn’t really country. Is their discontent justified? What does it mean to be “country”?

1.) The Evolution of Music

Firstly, music changes and genres evolve, and just because an artist isn’t exactly like an older member of the genre doesn’t mean they’re not a part of it too. Take the Rolling Stones, for example. They didn’t sound a thing like Buddy Holly, but they were still considered rock ‘n roll. A more relevant example could be Miranda Lambert. It’s obvious that she does not sound like country classic, Dolly Parton, or even Martina McBride, but she’s considered very country today. So sure, Jason Aldean doesn’t sound like Kenny Chesney or George Strait, but he’s still a part of the country music genre and community. Their sounds are similar enough to be labeled as the same kind of music.

2.) New Labels for Multi-Genre Work

However, since Aldean and others like Florida Georgia Line are producing a different type of music altogether, it can be argued that they, or the media, should call it something else. When new rock bands in the 70’s were creating harder, more rebellious songs, people started calling it punk rock. The distorted, thick songs of the era were called metal. When people combined funk and pop, it was called disco. Perhaps Aldean’s style of country that combines rock, hip-hop, and pop music should start to have its own category as well. Hip country, perhaps? Maybe bro country should be embraced? If critics want to be particular about the degree of country that’s being presented, they need to brand a new term.


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The 10 Best U2 Songs You've Never Heard

November 4, 2014

We all are familiar with at least some of U2's hits -- I mean, unless you've lived under a rock for the past 30 years, you've at least stumbled into "Beautiful Day," "With or Without You," "Mysterious Ways," or countless other hits.

Unless you're a hardcore U2 fan, you probably aren't familiar with some the band's better album tracks. With the Irish band set to tour in 2015, it's a good time to check U2 out to see if you're a fan -- they're one of the best live bands in the world, and if you're on the fence about seeing U2, these 10 underrated U2 songs may sway you to want to see them.

Here's a list of the 10 best U2 songs you've probably never heard of. The criteria is simple -- none of these songs were released as singles.

"Acrobat" -- Found on Achtung Baby, "Acrobat" has been overlooked by both U2 and the general public. U2 have never performed "Acrobat" live, nor was it released as a single -- but that doesn't stop it from being one of U2's very best songs. With menacing music (for U2's standards, at least), "Acrobat" tackles a familiar topic for everybody: how overwhelming and crushing life can leave us, but, in typical Bono fashion, we're left empowered by the end of the song.

Key lyric: "And you can stash, and you can seize, in dreams begin responsibilities / and I can love, and I can love/ And I know that the tide is turning 'round, so don't let the bastards grind you down"

"Bad" -- Most U2 fans have to be familiar with "Bad," since it's easily one of U2's best songs -- especially live. Non or casual fans probably aren't familiar with it, though. "Bad" was written about heroin addiction, but really, the song can be about any type of addiction -- drug, alcohol, gambling, or anything else. "Bad" is simply one of the best songs written by anybody, and it's worth seeing a U2 concert just for this one song. It's that good.

Key lyric: "If I could, I would let it go: this desperation, dislocation, separation, condemnation, revelation, in temptation, isolation, desolation -- let it go"

"Running to Stand Still" -- Like "Bad," "Running to Stand Still" is one of U2's very best songs. It's simultaneously understated, dark, and uplifting. The song grapples with hopelessness and despair. The character in the song, however, deals with her depression the wrong way -- she tries to escape her problem, literally and figuratively, leaving where she's from, and turning to drugs to eventually escape.

Key lyric: "She is raging, and the storm blows up in her eyes / She will suffer the needle chill, she's running to stand still"

"Gone" -- Unfortunately, it seems like U2 want to forget that Pop exists, but "Gone" is one hell of a reason for the band to remember its 1997 album. "Gone" is a song about fame, and how much Bono had to change to achieve his stardom, and getting lost along the way. While (probably) nobody reading this is famous, we can all take to heart the song's meaning: don't lose yourself on your journey for acceptance or a career -- or anything.

Key lyric: "You're taking steps that make you feel dizzy, then you learn to like the way it feels / You hurt yourself, you hurt your lover, then you discover: what you thought was freedom is just greed"

"Mofo" -- "Mofo" is U2 pushing its sonic envelope as far as it can in the 1990s -- and it's just awesome. The death of Bono's mother when he was just 14 is what moved him to join a rock band, and "Mofo" speaks about Bono looking for meaning in anything following the death of his mother.

Key lyric: "Lookin' for a sound that's gonna drown out the world/ Lookin' for the father of my two little girls/ Got the swing, got the sway, got the straw in my lemonade / Still looking for the face I had before the world was made"

"A Sort of Homecoming" -- This song is the first track on The Unforgettable Fire, and one of U2's very best songs. The music paints a perfect sonic landscape to match the somewhat melancholy lyrics. "A Sort of Homecoming" can be interpreted a few different ways, but in the most literal sense, it's about leaving your native land and finally coming home, despite home being a changed place.

Key lyric: "And your heart beats so slow, through the rain and fallen snow / Across the fields of mourning, lights in the distance/ Oh don't sorry, no don't weep / For tonight, at last -- I am coming home"

"Zooropa" -- The title track off of 1993's Zooropa, "Zooropa" fits the theme of U2's ZooTV tour perfectly: it's musically as far out there as U2 gets, while the lyrics in the first verses, essentially marketing slogans, are meant to be ironic and a play against pop culture and commercialism. The song flips itself on its head two thirds of the way through, where the protagonist in the song decides to let himself be free of everything that weighs him down.

Key lyric: "No particular place names, no particular song / I've been hiding, what am I hiding from? / Don't worry baby, it's gonna be alright, uncertainty can be a guiding light"

"Ultra Violet (Light My Way)" -- Another hidden gem off of Achtung Baby, "Ultra Violet" is U2 at its very best. The band wisely decided to play it again on its 360° Tour, and it was one of the highlights. "Ultra Violet" is one of Bono's finest moments. The lyric is relatively straightforward: it's a plea to take comfort in a loved one, even when times are at their toughest. Ultra violet light, of course, can't actually be seen by the human eye -- so the protagonist's plea, "light my way," is referencing the feelings that are there, even if they can't be seen.

Key lyric: "There is a silence that comes to a house where no one can sleep / I guess that's the price of love; I know it's not cheap"

"Promenade" -- One of U2's shortest songs, "Promenade" features one of U2's most beautiful soundscapes. Fitting perfectly on The Unforgettable Fire, "Promenade" is a stark contrast to what the band had put out on its previous record, War -- it's understated, mellow and haunting at the same time.

Key lyric: "Words that build or destroy / Dirt dry bone, sand and stone / Barbed-wire fence cut me down, I'd like to be around/ In a spiral staircase, to the higher ground"

"Until the End of the World" -- The song about ultimate betrayal, "Until the End of the World" tells the story of Jesus and Judas. Musically, it's U2 at its best 90s rock. There's a reason U2 have played it at nearly every concert since Achtung Baby came out -- it's that good. 

Key lyric: "In waves of regret, In waves of joy / I reached out for the one I tried to destroy / You, you said you'd wait until the end of the world"


Gudy2Shoes Continues Fantasy Dominance

November 4, 2014

Another month, another big win for Gudy2Shoes. The fantasy guru accrued 477.18 points over the last four weeks, edging out The Dynasty (468.02) for the monthly top spot -- and another $100 discount code. Gudy2Shoes won the first $100 code a month ago -- and turned in a repeat performance. Though Gudy2Shoes finished in third for the week, the 120.06 points helped him hang onto first place for the last four weeks.

All is not lost for The Dynasty, however. The Dynasty (123.06) won this week despite a lackluster performance from Peyton Manning (16.56), winning his second-consecutive week -- good for $50 in discount codes.

Take It Sleazy finished second this week, with 120.86 points. Like The Dynasty, Manning let Take it Sleazy Down -- as did DeMarco Murray (9.0).

The bad news? The season is half over. The good news? We're starting another four-week contest, where the winner at the end of the four weeks takes home another $100 discount code -- as well as the $25 discount code winner weekly!

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