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Event Tickets On Sale This Week

Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our event of the week is Crosby, Stills & Nash. From 1969's Woodstock to their 2015 tour, Crosby, Stills & Nash has been around the rock 'n roll block, so secure your seats to see these legendary musicians live in concert. Bob Seger keeps adding dates to the 2015 Ride Out Tour, so put some "Night Moves" back in your life with Bob Seger tickets. The X Factor's Fifth Harmony is going on tour as well this year, so round up the family and check out the next new girl band sensation! For tickets to these events and more, head over to Ticket Liquidator.

Concert Tickets On Sale




All Time Low Friday, 1/16/15 Lowell, MA; Rochester, NY; Baltimore, MD; Bethlehem, PA; Raleigh, NC; Charlotte, NC; Boca Raton, FL; Columbus, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Atlanta, GA; New York, NY; Magna, UT; Philadelphia, PA; West Long Branch, NJ; Denver, CO; San Jose, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; St. Paul, MN; Dallas, TX; St Louis, MO; Anaheim, CA; Orlando, FL; Kansas City, MO; Chicago, IL; North Myrtle Beach, SC
Billy Joel Friday, 1/16/15 New York, NY
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Saturday, 1/17/15 Indianapolis, IN; Auburn Hills, MI; Lincoln, NE; Sioux Falls, SD; Salt Lake City, UT
Celtic Thunder Thursday, 1/16/15 Jacksonville, FL
Celtic Woman Friday, 1/16/15 Tallahassee, FL
Crosby, Stills and Nash Friday, 1/16/15 Atlantic City, NJ; Baltimore, MD; New Brunswick, NJ; Brooklyn, NY; Boston, MA; Wallingford, CT; Sioux City, IA; Milwaukee, WI

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Bonnaroo Survival Tips

Bonnaroo can be a crazy good time - good music, good food, good friends. However, summer festivals like this can pose some health risks. Remember the following haikus to make the most of your stay in Manchester, TN:


Music is groovy
But so is cool hydration
Drink your H2O
Billy Joel

Tennessee is hot
Protect against skin cancer
SPF it up
Mumford & Sons

Festivals are fun
Not the time to try new drugs
Or stalk Spoon’s drummer

Hipsters love camping
But vintage tents are faulty
Buy new equipment

Friendship bracelets break
Be wary of fake new pals
Thievery is real

Slayer will melt faces
With guitar solos and screams
Support metal bands

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"Iris" is raw, emotional, melancholy

January 13, 2015

Songs of Innocence thematically could very well have been U2's first album. Each song on the album brings us back to U2's early days -- you know, before they became the biggest band since The Beatles.

"Iris (Hold Me Close)" is one of Bono's most personal songs to date. Bono's mother Iris, specifically, the death of his mother when he was just a teenager, has been a driving motivational force in his life. Her death pushed Bono toward eventually finding his way into a band, and once in U2, she's "appeared" in many songs throughout their discography -- such as "Tomorrow," "Lemon," and "Mofo."

Unlike the aforementioned songs, "Iris" tackles Bono's acceptance -- but not in the traditional sense. It's Bono accepting that he's always going to feel the loss of his mother, and that it's something that he's not going to be able to get over.

Like most great U2 songs, "Iris'" lyrics are polysemous.

"The star that gives us light
Has been gone awhile, but it's not an illusion
The ache in my heart
Is so much a part of who I am"



Foo Fighters

Though the Foo's have produced eight albums over the past twenty years, “Everlong” remains their most beloved hit. Famous for being David Letterman's favorite song, it has topped charts all over the world, and Urban Dictionary describes it as “the best goddamn song ever, no matter what you say,” providing the accompanying example sentence: “I just heard ‘Everlong’ for the first time, and if I die right now I have still lived a full life because of it.”

Part of the song’s popularity is due to its universal appeal. “Everlong” is both a rock anthem and a love ballad. The original version shreds, while the acoustic version has become a common wedding song. In an interview with Kerrang!, Dave Grohl said that the song is “basically about being connected to someone so much, that not only do you love them physically and spiritually, but when you sing along with them you harmonize perfectly.” Though Grohl was going through a divorce at the time, he realized the possibility of new, meaningful love and penned these timeless lyrics:

I've waited here for you
Tonight I throw myself in two
Out of the red
Out of her head she sang


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Coachella vs. Governor's Ball

It’s that time of year – summer festivals are making their lineup announcements and selling out tickets. While there’s always a general overlap of performers, the festivals do have different pros and cons in the ways of location, dates, number of stages, headliners, weather, promotion, and lodging.

The Politics of Font. Coachella produces a similar-looking poster every year with their list of performers arranged in a hierarchy of popularity, but what varies from the Governor’s Ball poster is the font size used. While Governor’s Ball keeps all the names in the same-sized font, Coachella slowly reduces the font of each performer according to their importance. No matter how obscure your indie band is, I’m sure it’s an honor to be featured on the Coachella bill regardless of how readable your name appears, but it’s still slightly insulting and suggests that perhaps Coachella has an excess of bands. The Governor’s Ball lineup is more manageable. After all, fans are only likely to endure a few artists they’ve never heard of before, not twenty or more.

Female Presence. Where the ladies be at? All three of Coachella’s main headliners are male, and the rest of their lineup has a surprising lack of women. Though Florence and the Machine and St. Vincent are billed as the sub-headliners, almost all of the small-name acts are men: Charles Bradley, Pete Tong, Chis Malinchak, Jon Hopkins, Ryan Hemsworth, and Benjamin Booker, to name a few. Where are First Aid Kit and Kim Gordon, or even Courtney Love? Not only do I have no idea who any of those male acts are, but I’m offended there aren’t at least an equal amount of unknown female acts. Plus, Governor’s Ball has my girl Lana Del Rey.


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Event Tickets On Sale This Week

Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our events of the week are Jimmy Buffett and the Bottlerock Festival in Napa, CA. The 2015 BottleRock lineup features such talented artists as Imagine Dragons, No Doubt, Robert Plant, Snoop Dogg, Foster the People, and many more! Garth Brooks announced another stop on his world tour - Denver! So get your country music tickets soon, Colorado fans. MLB is preparing for the 2015 season, so grab your baseball tickets while you can. For tickets to these events and more, head over to Ticket Liquidator.

Concert Tickets On Sale




Alan Jackson Thursday, 1/15/15 Nashville, TN
All Time Low Friday, 1/16/15 Philadelphia, PA
Bottlerock Festival Thursday, 1/8/15 Napa, CA
Chris Botti Thursday, 1/8/15 Detroit, MI
Charlie Wilson Friday, 1/9/15 Greenville, SC; Brooklyn, NY; Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Louisville, KY; Newark, NJ; Columbia, SC; Nashville, TN; Mobile, AL; Kansas City, MO; Birmingham, AL; Oklahoma City, OK; New Orleans, LA
Diana Ross Friday, 1/9/15 Grand Prairie, TX; New Orleans, LA
Elton John Friday, 1/9/15 Reading, PA; Woodlands, TX
Garth Brooks Friday, 1/16/15 Denver, CO
Jagged Edge Thursday, 1/15/15 Milwaukee, WI
Jimmy Buffett Friday, 1/9/15 Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; West Palm Beach, FL
Loretta Lynn Thursday, 1/8/15 Onamia, MN

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Following the Dallas Cowboys' controversial win over the Detroit Lions in the NFL's Wildcard Weekend, ticket sales for the Cowboys' NFC Divisional Game in Green Bay increased more than 250 percent on Ticket Liquidator, pushing the average ticket price to the most expensive of this weekend's divisional games. Despite missing the playoffs for the past five seasons, the Dallas Cowboys, nicknamed "America's Team," have consistently been the most sought-after ticket in the NFL. Now, with start quarterback Tony Romo and the rest of the team in position to play for the championship in Super Bowl XLIV, fans are eager to be a part of what they hope will be a historic season.

Ticket Sales for Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay PackersFollowing the Dallas Cowboys' win over the Detroit Lions, ticket sales for Dallas's matchup against the Green Bay Packers increased more than 250 percent.

"Somebody stepped inside your soul,
Somebody stepped inside your soul
Little by little, they robbed and stole,
Till someone else was in control"

"Listen to these voodoo vibes," -- Lykke Li

U2 seldom have an artist featured on any of their officially released album tracks -- but the Irish band threw their for a bit of a surprise in September. Swedish singer Lykke Li joined Johnny Cash and B.B. King as notable artists featured on a U2 album track -- and Li did not disappoint. Lending her voice to the chorus of "The Troubles," Li's vocal is haunting, and fits the mood of the song perfectly.

Li opens "The Troubles" with its chorus, and immediately sets the tone for the song. Singing over a faint string section and bass drum, the Swedish singer subtly sings "Trouble's" chorus in an almost-mocking manner -- as if to antagonize the protagonist in the song that they had been wronged, and lost control of who they are.

The "voodoo vibes" kick in shortly thereafter, with a string section rushing to the forefront of the music, before Adam Clayton, The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. join the song in earnest.

Not to be outdone by Li, Bono opens the first verse with an equally haunting melody. We've all been at this point, haven't we? Unable -- or perhaps unwilling -- to accept the troubles in our lives, and too blinded by our own feelings, thoughts or actions, to truly realize and accept our troubles.

"You think it's easier To put your finger on the trouble
When the trouble is you
And you think it's easier To know your own tricks
Well it's the hardest thing you'll ever do"

"The Fly," U2's lead single off of Achtung Baby is described thematically as a phone call from hell. "The Troubles" thematically feels like "The Fly" is calling back, repentant, with advice -- from somebody who has been there and done that.

Li joins Bono in the background of "Trouble's" pre-chorus, when the song's protagonist, determined, acts on his observations.

"I have a will for survival
So you can hurt me, and hurt me some more
I can live with denial
But you're not my troubles anymore"

The pre-chorus is a wake up call -- and a sense of rebirth. The protagonist realizes his troubles, stops losing sight of who he is and what he stands for, and vows to get rid of his troubles, and instead vows to survive.

"You think it's easier
To give up on the trouble
If the trouble is destroying you
And you think it's easier
But before you threw your rope
It was the one thing I could hold on to

Again, haven't we all been there before -- unwilling to give up on a person, idea or even substance, even if we know that it's detrimental? If you haven't, then you've lived a very charmed life. The last line, however, illustrates why it's difficult to quit whatever our troubles is, as often times, it feels like the only thing that we have.

"Troubles" launches back into its pre-chorus and chorus, before stepping into its middle eight:

"God knows it's not easy
I'm taking on the shape of someone else's pain
God, now you can see me
I'm naked and I'm not afraid
My body's sacred and I'm not ashamed"

Again, the protagonist realizes that the relationship or addiction is causing all sorts of pain -- and it's not even his. He knows he's unnecessarily bearing somebody else's crucifix, but knows it's time to stop, and asks God to look at him at his weakest and most vulnerable -- perhaps for guidance, perhaps for mercy.

"Troubles" then enters its final chorus:

"Somebody stepped inside your soul,
Somebody stepped inside your soul
Little by little, they robbed and stole,
Till someone else was in control"

This time, however, Bono is wailing in the background, before singing the song's final line -- all the while The Edge ends the song with a simple, yet effective, guitar solo, over the voodoo strings.

While "Every Breaking Wave" will likely be remembered as Songs of Innocence's hit song, "The Troubles" may be the album's best song -- and is one of U2's best songs since Achtung Baby. Taken literally, the song is clearly about a domestic relationship gone wrong, but it doesn't have to be taken literally, as addiction to anything -- drugs, alcohol, gambling -- can be even more detrimental than an abusive relationship.

Musically, "The Troubles" goes where U2 haven't quite gone before. The song doesn't belong to any particular era of U2, and perhaps would fit best with "The Ground Beneath Her Feet," and "Stateless" -- from U2's post-Pop but pre-All That You Can't Leave Behind world. The result is U2 venturing outside of their collective comfort zone, and crafting one of their best and most unique songs in their entire catalog.

"The Troubles" proves that U2 still have their A-game, even after all these years, and will be remembered as one of U2's finest moments.

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Anticipated Albums of 2015

2015 is finally here and with it are the most anticipated albums of the new year's first quarter. Though we're looking forward to many rumored releases from bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica, the following are the confirmed albums we're waiting for in the coming months.

1.) The Pale Emperor – Marilyn Manson

Manson's ninth studio album is creating anticipation because it is expected to sound more bluesy and less, well, disturbing. His recent work on the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy has no doubt influenced The Pale Emperor as it soundtracks select episodes with that redneck biker vibe. In an interview with FADER, Manson said, "What I hadn't ever found, till now, is the blues. The blues changed the way that I sang." The album will support the band's upcoming "Hell Not Hallelujah" Tour, which starts later this month.

2.) What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World – The Decemberists

The Decemberists are one of those bands that never get as much credit as they deserve. Their seventh studio album will be released January 20th, and I'm very much looking forward to this talented group's new material. The Decemberists will begin touring in support of What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World this spring!

3.) American Beauty/American Psycho – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy's sixth studio album will be released January 16th, and it is jam packed with postmodern referential songs like "Uma Thurman," Novocaine," and, of course, "Centuries." The track "Immortals" is featured in Disney's latest film, Big Hero 6, and "American Beauty/American Psycho" samples Motley Crüe's "Too Fast for Love." Get pumped because a Fall Out Boy tour can't be too far behind!

Event Tickets On Sale This Week

Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our event of the week is the New England Patriots AFC Divisional Playoff Game. We're rooting on the Pats here in Connecticut, so if you are too, pick up your NFL Playoffs tickets ASAP! Charlie Wilson has a big on-sale day as well this week, so if you love R&B, check out the Uncle Charlie tour schedule for a show near you. Additionally, Elton John, Loretta Lynn, and Chris Botti are rocking the box office; buy 2015 concert tickets today! There are many WWE events to choose from, so see when your favorite wrestlers will be throwing down near you, and get your WWE tickets soon. For tickets to these events and more, head over to Ticket Liquidator.

Concert Tickets On Sale




Chris Botti Thursday, 1/8/15 Detroit, MI
Charlie Wilson Friday, 1/9/15 Brooklyn, NY; Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Louisville, KY; Newark, NJ; Columbia, SC; Nashville, TN; Mobile, AL; Kansas City, MO; Birmingham, AL; Oklahoma City, OK; New Orleans, LA
Elton John Friday, 1/9/15 Woodlands, TX

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