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When I'm asked whether I want to have a party for the Big Game, I'm usually pretty torn. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, and I sure enjoy eating, but I would almost rather watch nothing than have football on the TV. I don't actively dislike football--I just don't care. The more I think about it, though, the more attractive the idea becomes. Whether or not you're into what's happening on the field, throwing a little shindig could just be in your best interest. Here's why: Why a Big ... [Read more]

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1. "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast - This is perhaps the quintessential feast scene from the musical theatre canon. The movie pulled out all the stops, unleashing an animated firestorm of popping champagne bottles, dancing dishes, and entree after steaming entree. The stage musical recreates the scene in real life with some very impressive costumed dancers. 2. "Food, Glorious Food" from Oliver! - After breaking our hearts with an iconic scene where poor Oliver asks for more of that nas... [Read more]
Three Yale grads founded Rap Genius in 2009 as a community forum to analyze the meaning of rap lyrics of artists like Jay-Z and 2PAC, with the mission “to critique rap as poetry.” Now, the same team that brought lyrical interpretations of C4 as a metaphor for a rapper’s meteoric rise in popularity (or for cocaine) is educating you about CPR with its latest site Health Genius. How Health Genius Works Health Genius is an arm of News Genius, which was launched in May 2013 to help readers make se... [Read more]

The Quintessential Sporting Meal

August 18, 2013
Who’s eating hot dogs at sporting events? As it turns out, just about everyone enjoys some type of hot dog during a good game – or even a bad one. Around 80 percent of sporting fans will either consume a hot dog at a game later this year or already have, and about two-thirds of sporting facility concessions revenue comes from hot dogs, peanuts, and other traditional sporting staples, like pizza, cracker jacks, and cotton candy. Hot dogs, however, are the food most equated with sporti... [Read more]

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Scientists are sexy and lead extremely vigorous lives. We live in chaotic times, zany times, whacky times, and nothing's whackier than science, is it? In tribute to the amazing scientific breakthroughs of 2012 I decided to do some research into what we can expect to see next year from the bionic boffins and energetic eggheads who make this world the place it is. Here are 10 amazing scientific innovations that will become a reality in 2013! Read more...


Did you know? The folks that write for Live Toast also dish on all the live event madness over at! This saavy group of ticket gurus, ehem, ticket ninjas, will exercise another skill - baking! As part of the TL Cares initiative, the Ticket Liquidator team will participate in a Great American Bake Sale event on November 27th, 2012 from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM at the University of Connecticut's Student Union.  Check out what the Ticket Liquidator team had to say about the event... [Read more]

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A global bacon shortage has the potential to set back the nascent field of chocolate bacon in unimaginable ways. Chocolate bacon is just starting to enter the mainstream and an expensive bacon market could very well erase the all the gains made by the brave men and women at the forefront of chocolate bacon science. [Read more]