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South By Southwest is one of the most dynamic and overwhelming festivals around. With a seemingly infinite number of events to choose from, planning can take a lot of time and effort. We've narrowed down some of the best Austin has to offer over the next week, so make sure to check out the following fun activities if you're braving the 2015 SXSW crowd: Interactive 1.) Flying cars – Companies like Ford, Hyundai, and Chrysler will be promoting their latest technology at the Connected Car Council... [Read more]

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Concert apps can greatly improve your event experience – before, during, and after the show. From taking pictures at concerts to tailgating, these are a few of the best iPhone apps for concerts to optimize your time with your friends and favorite band, and best of all, these concert apps are free! Best Concert Apps - Pre-Concert Local Concert Finder 1.) Bandsintown – finds concerts near you based on your musical preferences. Pulling data from the user’s iTunes library, Facebook likes, favori... [Read more]

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Ticket Liquidator is proud to announce a promotion celebrating the site's successful integration with Google Wallet. Ticket Liquidator, in cooperation with Google, will be offering customers who are using Google Wallet a discount on their order. Beginning on Friday, February 7, 2014, and running for a limited time, Ticket Liquidator customers using Google Wallet will be able to save $25 on purchases of $100 or more* when placing an order on Ticket Liquidator’s mobile Website. Recent visitors ... [Read more]

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Guest post by Adrienne Erin Spotify rocks and Pandora has had plenty of time in the spotlight. We all know that. And if you've ever been to a party, you know the power of collaborative playlists and that fantastic 90s Pandora station. But if you’re a real new-music-phile then you need to broaden your search a little bit. But fear not, you won’t have to look far. And for that, we have the Internet to thank. In this post I will highlight some of my favorite Internet radio options that aren't... [Read more]
In light of the recent NSA* leaks regarding the PRISM and Boundless Informant programs, I’ve decided to come forward and detail our own secret technological advances in order to establish a more transparent and open society. Somewhat smaller in scope, our project was likely conceived in a fashion similar to the NSA’s total information awareness initiative (in a room, with chairs, and probably a table; we both used computers). While the NSA is pulling down billions of pieces of intelligence a m... [Read more]
Jeremy presents the Wii U to Marci Lombardo. On December 26th, 2012, four Ticket Liquidator team members visited Connecticut Children's Medical Center with one mission in mind; to deliver a brand new Nintendo Wii so that children being treated there would have a new toy for the holidays and beyond. The Wii U is Nintendo's latest and greatest - the first one in the eighth generation of home gaming consoles - and we hoped it would light up some little faces who hadn't anticipated encountering t... [Read more]
Scientists are sexy and lead extremely vigorous lives. We live in chaotic times, zany times, whacky times, and nothing's whackier than science, is it? In tribute to the amazing scientific breakthroughs of 2012 I decided to do some research into what we can expect to see next year from the bionic boffins and energetic eggheads who make this world the place it is. Here are 10 amazing scientific innovations that will become a reality in 2013! Read more...


WebMediaBrands held its inaugural Social Curation Summit on July 31, 2012 in New York City. The gathering sought to address the proliferation of visual social networks and the transformation of the social graph of “who-knows-who” into an interest graph of “who-knows-what” with an eye toward exploring new strategies for determining what sacrifices to make at the alters of the all-powerful gods of ROI. Representatives from Tumblr, Pinterest, Behance, BO.LT, AOL, Bertelsmann, Sesame Street and GE... [Read more]

Social Media is Bull****!!!

June 18, 2012
Later this year - September to be exact - there will be a book published about social media. This one won't be like the rest, though. Its title, "Social Media is Bullsh*t", pretty much says it all. As you might imagine, author BJ Mendelson isn't interested in being one of the ever-growing in-crowd of marketers and SEOs who bombard us daily with "data" on how social media is changing our lives. Nor will you find him guest posting on the myriad optimistic tech blogs who seem to have some invisible... [Read more]

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After almost 15 years in the search business it looks like Google has finally found what it was looking for. Despite the fact that every single person on the planet already uses Google to find what they’re looking for (sorry Bing), there were still a few kinks that needed to be ironed out. We in the SEO industry (Search Engine Optimization for the uninitiated) play in the Google sandbox every day. For years we played word games, sorting out different iterations and combinations of syllables... [Read more]

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