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(1) Multi-platinum recording artists have feelings, too. Just because artists like Britney Spears and Master P have millions of dollars, doesn't mean they don't feel the sting when people illegally share their music. Next time you don't pay for one of their albums, just remember that you are the reason that Lars Ulrich will have to wait a few months before he can afford that gold-plated shark-tank bar for his swimming pool. Shame. | Episode #105: Christian Rock Hard (Season 7, Episode 9) (2) It... [Read more]

Who’s the Sleaziest of the Mad Men?

June 1, 2012
Over the course of five epic seasons of the best show on TV, the Mad Men of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Holloway?) have entertained us with their sordid, complex lives and shown us that every petty, venal action has an equal and opposite reaction. Just about every character on the show has at one time or another fallen from grace (except for Megan, who has at least two seasons left to tumble), but there are six stand outs for whom sleaze is way of life. The question is, which of these Mad Me... [Read more]
The final five episodes of Smash have certainly upped the drama. As the webs become more tangled and the emotions run even higher, the fate of the Marilyn musical (finally named Bombshell) hangs in the balance. One of the biggest developments is the whirlwind known as Rebecca Duvall, the movie star (played by Uma Thurman) with zero musical theatre experience, a lackluster voice, and a lot of creative input for Tom, Julia, and Derek. Normally, what goes on in the workshop process is kept highly c... [Read more]
The drama continues on episodes 8, 9, and 10 of Smash. In a bold move, Derek actually tries to hijack the show from Tom and Julia by finding another songwriter (OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder) and convincing Karen to help him stage a new number, "Touch Me." If he was looking to take the show in another direction, he certainly did with this one. But the verdict comes in against the sexy, pop-inspired performance when Tom and Julia are finally invited to view it. Thanks in part to a morality check from... [Read more]

Springsteen on Fallon

March 8, 2012
It’s easy to forget that Bruce Springsteen is a regular person and not a large bust chiseled on the side of a rock and roll Mount Rushmore after umpteen years on the road and a litany of classics that we all somehow know the choruses to, but during his visit with Jimmy Fallon this week The Boss told stories about life on the road and came across as a generally likeable guy from the neighborhood who just happens to hang out with one of the Sopranos. In part one of the interview, Jimmy and Bruce ... [Read more]

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This is why Community rocks:

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The fourth and fifth episodes of Smash were definitely juicy. In the rehearsal room, Karen's star power threatens Ivy, motivating her to push her former competition even farther out of her spotlight. But even though she gets Karen booted out of a number, Derek's belief in the fresh-faced star causes him to put them in an awkward position; Ivy is clearly mortified at being given lessons on how to interpret Marilyn from the Broadway newcomer. In reality, there is only room for one star in any show... [Read more]

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Smash Files #1: Show People

January 31, 2012
  Welcome to the Smash Files, where I'll discuss the musical theatre dream that is the hit NBC television series Smash. Check back for updates and info on this exciting new show as it relates to the theatre world! Broadway fans are about to get Smashed. We haven't been this excited about a television series since Glee brought showtunes into the mainstream (memorable covers include Rachel's and Kurt's rendition of "Defying Gravity" from Wicked and Mercedes belting out "And I Am Telling You I... [Read more]
  Just noticed this video, courtesy of the ESPN Twitter account. What an awesome commercial. It's coming to something these days when the commercials are often funnier than the shows themselves and let's face it, ESPN leads the way and has done for a long long time. The tweet said "Man up on your bets, but just make sure you don’t end up like these dudes". College football is a beautiful thing, especially the betting. Hilarious.

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Simpsons vs. Fox

August 7, 2011
The cast of The Simpsons dodged a bullet this week when they agreed to a 30% pay cut to keep the show, and their jobs, off the cutting room floor. The cast initially balked at Fox’s original request for a 45% cut which would have brought down their $400,000-a-show yearly income to around $4 million per season—not enough to push anyone out onto the street but not something anyone would be eager to agree to either. Harry Shearer, the voice of Mr. Burns, Smithers and Flanders, offered... [Read more]

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