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No one likes to puke, but almost everyone loves to catch someone famous doing something embarrassing. Perhaps it makes us feel like they are more human; it's a chance for the celebrity elite to show us some of their flaws, ones that their publicists can’t shield them from. We might empathize if we're a fan, or laugh hysterically if we don’t care about them at all -- either way it’s still entertaining when people are caught in the act for the same reason we watch FAIL videos when we're bored. But... [Read more]

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Taylor Swift is uncharacteristically taking a respite from writing love songs; however, up until now, the "Shake It Off" singer didn't seem able to produce any material that didn't discuss her current and former relationships. During this time, author Nicholas Sparks (known for The Notebook and A Walk to Remember) also couldn't stop issuing best-selling love-dramas that became so popular they were adapted into feature films. For all you hopeless romantics out there, I challenge you to discern wh... [Read more]

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It’s November, which means winter is right around the corner, and in the majority of the Northern Hemisphere it’s already getting cold. Most of us can agree it sucks. However, in addition to counting down the days ‘til spring, here are a few things we can all do to make this horrible season a little more bearable. 1.) Layer up – The first step is acceptance. Acknowledge that it is indeed frigid outside, and break out the heavy coat. Don’t be an idiot and wear your fall jacket through December ... [Read more]

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1.) Get some comfy sweaters – Sweaters are necessary as the temperatures start to drop. Whether you rejoice in their versatility or denounce them for their abuse by hipsters, sweaters are undeniably useful. So, do some shopping. Thrift stores are great for both traditional and eccentric finds. Grab some pullovers every color of the rainbow for work; for those of you rocking the Cosby sweater this fall, more power to you. 2.) Read Gothic literature – Classics like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and ... [Read more]

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What if Derek Jeter had been drafted by the Houston Astros? [Read more]

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What do Romantic author Edgar Allan Poe and masked heavy metal band Slipknot have in common, you ask? Not much, except for their similar lyrical themes of darkness, horror, and unrequited love. Can you tell which title belongs to Poe (A) and which belongs to Slipknot (B)? Can you tell we’re excited for Halloween?! (Answers below; no cheating!) 1. “The Devil in the Belfry” 2. “Wait and Bleed” 3. “A Descent into the Maelström” 4. “The Premature Burial” 5. “'Til We Die” 6. “Ligeia” 7. “Gematria (T... [Read more]

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We all have our heroes, those gallant and beautiful stars of stage, screen and studio, but not all of them are perfect. In fact, some of them have even killed people. Granted, not always premeditated in cold blood, but oh, they've killed. Here's a list of 10 celebrities who've ended the lives of other human beings. Just a little something to ponder as the weekend dawns...thanks to Instant Checkmate.
Ah, the mascot, beloved symbol of school spirit. It’s like being a cheerleader, except without the popularity and mini-skirts. Just the sight of that furry ambassador inspires pride, joy, and excitement. Who wouldn’t want to be so loved? Thus when the fateful day came when I was asked to don a giant bear suit for a special school event I said, “Haha. Are you kidding me?” But the usual girl had broken her leg, so I had little choice but to put on my big bear pants and deli... [Read more]


When I was a kid, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'm positive the answer wasn't "a web marketer." Mostly because the Internet wasn't exactly a thing then. But also because that's just not the type of answer you get from a kid. I have never heard a small child share, "I want to be an insurance adjuster!" or "I'm going to be a toll booth collector!" or "I want to be a civil engineer!" No, you're more likely to get "I want to be Spider-Man!" Would You Like Fries with That? The ... [Read more]

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Black Friday who? If you'd prefer to surf for deals from behind a screen rather than risk being trampled and left for dead at the doors of a department store, Cyber Monday is for you. Black Friday has a history that is decades old, but its cousin, Cyber Monday, is more of a recent phenomenon. As soon as retailers decided that the day after Thanksgiving was the perfect day to start the "Holiday Shopping Season," the next iteration of the idea was underway. Businesses started with Black Friday, so... [Read more]
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