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Just as you open the obligatory photo card of your friends and their kids in matching reindeer sweaters, you remember you need gifts for the whole gaggle. Skip the rainbow loom and consider the gift of quality time with tickets to a family-friendly event. [Read more]
In a period of two or three months, I must have heard the song, “Use Somebody” rehearsed at least fifty times during my relationship with a budding rocker. Though he preferred covering the “classic rock” of bands like Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, he also recognized that he needed to throw more contemporary numbers into his yet-to-launch solo act. The plaintive yearning of “Use Somebody,” by Kings of Leon definitely fit the bill; a certifiable mega hit played everywhere and anywhere at the tim... [Read more]

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Maybe it’s fitting that Kanye West has taken the opportunity on his Yeezus tour to stump against his various oppressors, given his recent assertions, not that he is God, but that he is a God. Like Jesus cleansing Herod’s temple, Yeezy has railed against the paparazzi, the press and the music industry with equal fervor, preaching not for an embargo on merchandise so much as for his righteous cut of the pie. But even as a minor deity Mr. West exhibits Old Testament humorlessness and spite, most ... [Read more]
There are only a couple of days left until Halloween, and while many people have had their looks planned out for months, I know there are plenty of you who haven't yet been struck with just the right inspiration for a killer costume. And it is important to stay current; costumes inspired by events from the past year always get a reaction. Here at Live Toast, we know live entertainment, so here is a little list of get-ups pulled straight from music, sports, and theatre events. I hope it inspires ... [Read more]
The Cowboy has been steadily riding away for almost a full year now, but the exact moment and location of his final hoedown has finally been declared. On June 7, 2014, singer, actor, music producer, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, King of Country, but first and foremost, the Cowboy George Strait will ride off into the sunset. He’s going home in a sense. The last George Strait tour date ever will be held at AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Strait, a native of Poteet, Texas, le... [Read more]
Src: Flickr/Pink Sherbet Photography I remember when October 31 used to be this magical time of year after the autumn leaves had fallen, leaving a technicolor, crisp blanket to crunch under our feet as we collected our candy bounty from neighborhood houses. We often slipped on a plastic mask and un-breathable costume to dress up as our favorite cartoon characters, like Spiderman or Tweety bird (yes, I was a repeat offender), Or we’d take it a step further by painting our faces, wearing a black... [Read more]
The Grateful Dead are the most overrated band of the psychedelic genre, bar none. What did one deadhead say to another deadhead after the acid wore off at a concert? "Hey, this music sucks!" - Anonymous. Back when I was a housepainter on Martha's Vineyard, I used to work with a rabid Deadhead. My contempt and derision for the band he idolized had been forming for many years by then, and our daily "conversations" on the matter were loud and animated, to say the least. One day, whilst ca... [Read more]
Source: Flickr/Ramsey Beyer I knew that one day would come—where I had reached a point of adulthood when I would have to put away childish things, or at least some cherished things of my youth. I figured I still had a couple, good years to soak up the last waves of that certain kind of carefree innocence. I certainly wasn’t counting on having to say goodbye to what I’ve cherished for more than half of my life in a matter of a couple of months. But with the not-so-slow decay of my car, I know I c... [Read more]
With the highly anticipated film version of his classic musical Into the Woods filming and photos from the set of stars like Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp leaking along the way, Stephen Sondheim is getting some serious attention these days. Not that he hasn't before; he is quite possibly the definitive musical theatre composer of our time. But the big screen adaptation of his fractured fairy tale story will bring his genius to an even wider audience (as did the 2007 Sweeney Todd film... [Read more]
Arcade Fire: Her OST Arcade Fire’s soon to be released album Reflektor is already being hailed as a masterpiece and maybe their best by those who’ve gotten an early listen. These are big words for a band whose last record won Best Album of the Year. The Original Sountrack for the upcoming Spike Jonze film Her seems like it’ll be a smaller, quieter affair based on the film’s subject matter which features Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely letter writer who falls in love with an operating system. Jonz... [Read more]