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Why Tom Brady, U2 are unrivaled

February 18, 2015
Tom Brady and U2 are the best ever at what they do. [Read more]

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"The Troubles" proves that U2 still have their A-game, and will be remembered as one of U2's finest moments. [Read more]

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"Every Breaking Wave" is the next U2 classic

December 12, 2014
"Every Breaking Wave" is the latest classic U2 song. [Read more]

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table.onsalesTable {border-collapse: collapse; width="100%";} td {padding-top:.5em; padding-bottom:.5em; padding-right:10px;} td.eventName {font-weight:bold;} h4 {text-align:left} p { margin-top:1em; margin-bottom:1em } Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our events of the week are U2 and the Foo Fighters. Don’t miss Bono and The Edge live in concert for what’s certain to be one of the hottest rock events of the year (only next to Dave Grohl and the Foos). G... [Read more]

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Top 10 Live U2 Songs

December 3, 2014
U2 are headed on tour in 2015, and here's 10 songs you can look forward to hearing. [Read more]

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U2's "Songs of Innocence" marks a successful return for the Irish rock band. [Read more]

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"Song For Someone" could be U2's new lead single. [Read more]

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George Strait rode off into the sunset of all sunsets this weekend. A record of approximately 105,000 concert-goers attended Strait's concert at AT&T Stadium in Dallas to watch the final show of Strait's last tour -- marking the last time the country superstar will ever perform a concert of his own. The number is almost mind-numbingly high. 105,000 people inside AT&T Stadium for a concert -- but it wasn't just Strait there -- Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Sheryl Crow, M... [Read more]

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U2 Are Not Invisible

March 6, 2014
It's been five years since U2 released their latest album, having released No Line on the Horizon in March 2009, and three years since U2 concluded their record-breaking 360° Tour. Bono and The Edge dabbled in Broadway, writing music for the ill-fated Spider-Man play, but the last half decade has seen little in the way of new music by U2 -- until now. "We're on the verge of irrelevance," Bono told BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe. Despite the success of the 360° Tour, U2 failed to produce a hit song t... [Read more]

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Arcade Fire: Her OST Arcade Fire’s soon to be released album Reflektor is already being hailed as a masterpiece and maybe their best by those who’ve gotten an early listen. These are big words for a band whose last record won Best Album of the Year. The Original Sountrack for the upcoming Spike Jonze film Her seems like it’ll be a smaller, quieter affair based on the film’s subject matter which features Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely letter writer who falls in love with an operating system. Jonz... [Read more]
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