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This one's for the cool kids (Knobheads). Let the War of the Rose Bowl commence! While dervishes swirl madly around the hallowed halls of Manchester, celebrating the demise of manager David Moyes, tickets to LA Galaxy vs. Manchester United are the talk of Tinseltown. For a game to be played at the Rose Bowl, for crying out loud. Share price for MANU on the NYSE was rumored to have risen and the grey skies have finally gone away (in L.A. at least, not sure about Manchester). Moyes, the leather-... [Read more]

BCS Bowls Preview

December 9, 2013
After a wild weekend of conference championship games, the 2013 14 NCAA Bowl Game Matchups were announced and this year bowling season looks to be as wild as ever. The biggest shock of Saturday's conference championships was the Ohio State Buckeyes losing for the first time this season in the Big Ten Championship Game to the Michigan State Spartans. The loss was especially painful for fans of Ohio State because it meant they wouldn't get a chance to play for a National Championship. After Aubur... [Read more]

What's the hottest bowl game?

December 5, 2012
Not surprisingly the BCS Championship between Notre Dame and Alabama is by far the most expensive ticket with an average price of $1,149. The Rose Bowl between Stanford and Wisconsin is the second-most popular game with an average price of $350. The Cotton Bowl between Texas A&M and Oklahoma, which isn't even a BCS Bowl, is the next most expensive ticket with a price of $281. [Read more]