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Beyond Broadway: Ten Reasons to Go Off-Broadway

August 20, 2013
Broadway is the undisputed hub of theatre in the United States, and, many would argue, the world. But just beyond the Great White Way, there are a ton of smaller theatres with a trove of riches to discover. Off-Broadway shows can be just as entertaining, thought-provoking, and innovative as Broadway ones, and many times more so due to reduced commercial pressure, more intimate settings suited to experimentation, and the flexibility that comes with lower running costs. Some of the greatest Broadw... [Read more]
Colin Crowley, one of TL’s own—a customer service team member—will be bringing Harriman-Baines, his unnerving, psychological play, to the Dream Up Festival 2013, an innovative lineup of original drama, music, dance and poetry presented by The Theater for the New City from Aug. 18 to Sept. 18.   The story follows a recluse composer who has a supernatural relationship with the woman who writes the lyrics for his music. An opportunistic reporter corners and blackmails him... [Read more]