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I’m not talking about the obvious legends like Springsteen, U-2 and the Stones. (For those who require mollification, I’ve included a list of the bands who won Rolling Stone magazine’s “Top Ten Live Acts of All Time” survey last year at the end of this entry. What I’m listing here are performers who, even if you knew they were good, you probably didn’t know HOW good. [Read more]

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(1) Multi-platinum recording artists have feelings, too. Just because artists like Britney Spears and Master P have millions of dollars, doesn't mean they don't feel the sting when people illegally share their music. Next time you don't pay for one of their albums, just remember that you are the reason that Lars Ulrich will have to wait a few months before he can afford that gold-plated shark-tank bar for his swimming pool. Shame. | Episode #105: Christian Rock Hard (Season 7, Episode 9) (2) It... [Read more]
Whether you’re a music fan, a sports fanatic or a theater junkie, the summer offers a variety of big events – from music festivals to the hottest sporting events to the biggest shows on Broadway. Four days remain in Ticket Liquidator’s Summer Concert Sweepstakes for a chance to win $350 towards any event of your choice and almost 500 entries have been submitted so far. Time is ticking, but you still have a chance to win so enter below before it’s too late! If you win the sweepstakes, you will... [Read more]

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  You're glaring at the mirror, a harsh, white light expertly aiming for your swollen eyes through drawn blinds. You rub your bushy brows, let out a shake-inducing stretch, the only bit of enjoyment you've experienced since the first frost warning, and yawn. You're knocked back at both the sight of your smushed cowlick and the stench of your dry, funky dragon breath. Have you shape-shifted into a black bear? "No," you croak, peering down at your pale hands half-expecting to find gnarly talo... [Read more]

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Seasoned music festival-goers know how to brave the elements. Like a litany of past relationships gone terribly wrong, the absence of all things comfortable and redundant become a fond memory. The battle scars, the blistering sunburn and the ringworm caught from Todd the Trust Fund "Hippie" are reminders of what you should and should NOT do. But for you newbies, some of the more commonsense supplies might seem excessive, but they can actually SAVE YOUR LIFE. Well not really, but it could save y... [Read more]

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Cover versions of iconic rock songs are notoriously hard to pull off. There are just too many obsessed freaks out there and full-time stalkers, waitin' for an excuse to hate. And when your cover of a great song sucks massively, those nutjobs are gonna be gunnin' for ya. That said, when fools rush in and drain every last drop of goodness out of something beautiful and vibrant, maybe they deserve a little soilage in the reputation department. Not all covers are bad; when you hear Nirvana's version... [Read more]

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