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Comedy Central's Amy Schumer has gone viral in her most recent sketch as she pokes fun at late night talk show interviews with vapid celebrities, targeting Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively, specifically. With shimmering golden legs and giggles for days, Schumer harnesses the spirit of hollow Hollywood and satirizes the "cool girl" that every guy fawns over. Starting next week, Amy Schumer is bringing her comedy to cities across the U.S. on her Back Door tour. In fact, this season is packed with l... [Read more]

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This past weekend marked the beginning of the music festival season. Jack White was the highlight performance of Coachella, but Alabama Shakes, Royal Blood, Vance Joy, and Circa Survive gave him a run for his money. Hipsters rejoiced in the quirky side attractions like silent discos and weird snacks, and now everyone is yearning for summer. Forget spring. Everything is still dead. Then again it always is in southern California (we're praying that the rain gods move Connecticut's precipitation yo... [Read more]
Van Halen’s first televised performance ever with singer David Lee Roth aired last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live in support of their upcoming tour, and despite the plethora of high kicks Roth is overly fond of, the front man still looks a bit rusty as he needed 14 stitches after only the first take. Manically twirling his mic stand during "Panama," Roth proceeded to hit himself square in the nose, and Nelly-style, had to perform with a large bandage on his face for the rest of the taping. Read more...
For those of you who actually go out on Saturday nights instead of sitting in alone, watching TV with your arm elbow-deep in a bag of Doritos, catch up on the latest SNL spoof that's trending across the country. Everyone loves a playful jab at Disney now and again. Former WWE-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson makes a beautiful Bambi, don't you think? Read more...
It's mid-March, and the NCAA madness has begun. Even though you're probably getting excited to root on your alma mater, as John Oliver notes, the games are so full of product placement and branding that the only thing left to be sponsored are the sponsorships themselves. Despite college coaches getting paid millions while the hard-working athletes are getting paid nothing, the games are undeniably exciting, especially if you bet money on them. For more upcoming events to get the spring season r... [Read more]
Sleepy? Me too. Daylight Savings was this weekend, setting us all an hour forward in time, but an hour back mentally, and as John Oliver notes, the struggle to change the clock on your microwave is real. We can only hope that such outdated practices will be eliminated in due time, but until then, check out the following event tickets to upcoming shows in your area that are sure to make you and your family a little less cranky: Cirque du Soleil Disney on Ice Monster Jam Sesame Street Li... [Read more]

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Madonna has just announced her upcoming cross-country trek - the 2015 Rebel Heart Tour - in support of her thirteenth studio album of the same name, which is planned to be officially released later this week. "Living for Love" is the album's lead single, and we're pretty sure the music video confirms she's in the Illuminati. Just kidding (but not really). Madonna tickets are sure to sell out fast, so get yours soon if you want to see this controversial diva live in concert. Otherwise, check out... [Read more]
Lady Gaga gave Julie Andrews a run for her money last night at the Oscars when she performed a montage of songs from The Sound of Music and surprisingly nailed it. Shedding her typical shock pop accoutrements and donning an elegant white gown instead, Gaga showcased her vocal range for a pleasant, though long and perhaps unnecessary, musical number to commemorate the film's 50th anniversary. Impressed? You can catch Lady Gaga on tour with the great Tony Bennett to hear jazzy standards, devoid o... [Read more]
Last night was the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, and it was an immense success full of sweet reunions, Taylor Swift's comedic fails, and the revival of my favorite Jeopardy bit. If you missed SNL, there are plenty of other event tickets going on sale this week to comedians on tour, hilarious theater shows, and kid's entertainment. Add some laughter to your weekend to help get through this bitterly cold winter. Bill Maher Daniel Tosh Disney on Ice Gabriel Iglesias Jay Leno Kevin H... [Read more]
This week came with a very sad announcement: Jon Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show. Rest assured, I'm sure he will find a more than adequate replacement. If you've never been a part of his live studio audience, then I highly recommend doing so before it's too late. It's free after all, and, if nothing else, is an excuse to take a sick day and romp around NYC. For more live comedy events, check out the following comedians who are touring the country soon: Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Bi... [Read more]
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