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table.onsalesTable {border-collapse: collapse; width="100%";} td {padding-top:.5em; padding-bottom:.5em; padding-right:10px;} td.eventName {font-weight:bold;} h4 {text-align:left} p { margin-top:1em; margin-bottom:1em } Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our events of the week are Fleetwood Mac and The Who! Following their 50th anniversary last year, the Who are setting out on their final world tour. It's sure to be epic, so don't miss out on your last chan... [Read more]

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Photo by Zack Bennett It's been a big year for Connecticut band Little Ugly. They released their first EP, Where the River's Born, in July of 2013, were named "Best in Connecticut" at the New England Music Awards and recently wrapped their first tour. Previously, Little Ugly won "Best Indie Rock" at the CT Music Awards, were name "Best Musician/Band" by Hartford Magazine as well as "Best Rock Band" by the Hartford Advocate. We recently caught up with the band fresh off their tour to talk abou... [Read more]

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20 Bands Turning 20 This Year

February 17, 2012
90's kids, get ready to feel real old. When I first read about Blink 182's 20th Anniversary Tour I was shocked. Their first chart-topping song, "Dammit," came out in 1997! It had me thinking crazy stuff about the time-space continuum, evolution, my own mortality. But it mostly got me thinking about the other bands that defined my teenage years. What other bands have been around and are still rockin', in spite of themselves in some cases, for two full decades? You'd be surprised. Here are twenty... [Read more]

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