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The MLB All-Star Game on July 14th marks the official halfway point for the MLB season. With the halfway point comes a tradition unlike any other, picking MLB Award winners that won’t win come October! We are seeing tight races across the league, and if the first half is any indication, we are in for a wild second half of the season. [Read more]

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The 2013 All-Star break is upon us, signaling the halfway point of the baseball season and providing us with a game featuring the best players in the game, as decided by fans. With recent additions and changes due to player availability, the 2013 All-Star Game will feature 39 players (out of 77) who have never been in the game before, the highest all-time (That is more than when the first All-Star game was held in 1933). The game of course goes down at City Field, home of the New York Mets. The... [Read more]