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It’s November, which means winter is right around the corner, and in the majority of the Northern Hemisphere it’s already getting cold. Most of us can agree it sucks. However, in addition to counting down the days ‘til spring, here are a few things we can all do to make this horrible season a little more bearable. 1.) Layer up – The first step is acceptance. Acknowledge that it is indeed frigid outside, and break out the heavy coat. Don’t be an idiot and wear your fall jacket through December ... [Read more]

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  You're glaring at the mirror, a harsh, white light expertly aiming for your swollen eyes through drawn blinds. You rub your bushy brows, let out a shake-inducing stretch, the only bit of enjoyment you've experienced since the first frost warning, and yawn. You're knocked back at both the sight of your smushed cowlick and the stench of your dry, funky dragon breath. Have you shape-shifted into a black bear? "No," you croak, peering down at your pale hands half-expecting to find gnarly talo... [Read more]

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