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When Thom Yorke quietly released his first solo album The Eraser in 2006, it was not so much a revelation as an affirmation. This is what Thom Yorke sounds like. The pianos and fuzzy beats, the skittering, glitchy electronics and anxious lyrics that were evident in his larger body of work with Radiohead were front and center on The Eraser. Six and a half years and two Radiohead albums later, Yorke is back with a sequel of sorts. It’s not a solo album, technically. Radiohead producer Nigel G... [Read more]

A Beginner’s Guide to Radiohead

February 27, 2012
A recent survey conducted by the Institute for Insightful Analysis determined that Radiohead fans are the dorkiest music fans in the world. The comprehensive survey also verified that Radiohead fans have a reputation for being a right miserable lot of back-biters, a cadre of lonely young men and women whose sole pleasure is dissecting everything the band does and then criticizing it for not being as good as their earlier work. These findings have been corroborated by earlier statements from re... [Read more]