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Arcade Fire: Her OST Arcade Fire’s soon to be released album Reflektor is already being hailed as a masterpiece and maybe their best by those who’ve gotten an early listen. These are big words for a band whose last record won Best Album of the Year. The Original Sountrack for the upcoming Spike Jonze film Her seems like it’ll be a smaller, quieter affair based on the film’s subject matter which features Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely letter writer who falls in love with an operating system. Jonz... [Read more]
Spike Jonze has been killing it recently with videos about robots, small town America and the military, and drunk Kanye West, but he’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for the Beastie Boys video for Sabotage. Now Jonze and the Beastie Boys have teamed up again on the video for Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win off the Beastie Boys latest album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. The video has it all, a Beastie Boys concert, a guest appearance by Santigold, assassins, exp... [Read more]

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Trailers for this short film based on Arcade Fire’s Grammy award-winning album The Suburbs have been circulating for a while, but now the whole short film has finally been released online and features a coming-of-age-in-wartime-storyline in some kind of alternate universe where small town America is run like a military outpost with checkpoints, illegal searches and SS-style tactics (sound familiar...?). You can watch the trailer below and the entire film at MUBI.

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