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The 2014 Austin City Limits Festival has an incredible line-up featuring artists like Eminem, OutKast, Lana del Rey, Skrillex, Beck, and The Avett Brothers. However, sometimes it’s hard to see all of the bands on the bill. Here are a few of my recommendations from personal experience: Pearl Jam With the help of my awesome father, I’ve seen Pearl Jam at least five times, and so I am confident in saying that they are one of the last true rock bands. Though I prefer their older material (not becau... [Read more]

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Fans were perplexed when the band refused to make a video for Black, another song from the album. Vedder explained that he felt that music videos robbed fans of the opportunity to “come up with [their] own visions.” I wanted to send him a letter and tell him not to bother. Apparently, without an MTV video, the average person isn't capable of coming up with an image to go with a song. [Read more]

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