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The Weekly Toast 11/18/11

November 18, 2011
THIS WEEK: Courtney melts down…Demi and Ashton split up…the Biebz rides again… • Michael Jackson’s death bed, sans mattress (his death bed-frame?), was pulled from auction after whoever was in charge of it came to his senses. • Courtney Love continued to blame everyone but herself during a meltdown in Brazil after someone held up a picture of Kurt Cobain. Love dropped the F-bomb on everyone from Dave Grohl to anyone who tries to “steal money from my kid’s table” before walking offstage. ... [Read more]

#OWS vs Bloomberg: Round 1

October 14, 2011
Occupy Wall Street had its first major victory on Friday after Zuccotti Park’s Brookfield Office Properties backed down from its threat to evict protesters “temporarily” so the park could be power-washed. The thinly-veiled attempt to expel the demonstration was met with an increase in the number of protesters at the park and a march to the Cipriani restaurant to deliver a petition signed by 310,000 people to New York’s Mayor Bloomberg who was attending a gala event there.... [Read more]

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September 29, 2011
Radiohead played two shows at the Roseland Ballroom this week as part of their surprise visit to New York City and debuted a two-ticket-max, will-call-only policy that resulted in a line of 3,000 people stretching around the block at Roseland. The policy also spawned the “can I be your +1” legion of pan-handling refugees on the outskirts of the line with their homemade cardboard signs and index fingers in the air, lightly begging for extra tickets. As if hearing their plea, it was ... [Read more]

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September 28, 2011
The movement to occupy Wall Street reached a fever pitch this week when some media outlets actually decided to cover the protest after nearly two weeks of nonchalantly looking the other way and hoping it would blow over. In the first significant demonstration in response to the bank bailouts, mortgage crisis, joblessness and daily, run-of-the-mill corruption, thousands of activists descended upon Wall St. on September 17th in a Day of Rage to begin the occupation. Police barricades were waitin... [Read more]

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