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Stanley Cup Final Prediction

June 3, 2014
Ticket Liquidator's JP Starkey predicts who will win the 2014 Stanley Cup Final. [Read more]

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For the first time since 1981, New York will square off against Los Angeles in the finals of one of the four major sports -- if the Rangers and Kings can close out their series. [Read more]

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Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price is going to miss the remainder of the Eastern Conference finals, giving the New York Rangers an excellent chance at returning to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1994 -- when Mark Messier hoisted the Stanley Cup. [Read more]

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Original Six Strong Again

May 16, 2014
The New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks are three of the NHL's original six members -- and all three have a chance to win the Stanley Cup this year. [Read more]

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Last weekend was one of the most action-packed weekend in the sports world in recent memory, and Ticket Liquidator's JP Starkey recaps the action -- and looks ahead to the coming week. [Read more]

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Good news for fans of outdoor hockey. On the heels of the success of the Winter Classic game, in which an NHL® game is played in an outdoor venue on New Year's Day, the league has added more outdoor games the the NHL season with the introduction of the "Stadium Series" games and a return of the Heritage Classic in Canada. The biggest NHL game of the regular season, the Winter Classic has quickly become part of New Year's Day for families across North America. Following the thinking that if on... [Read more]
The Bruins have two of the best defenders in hockey, some elite scorers and a proven goalie. And you know that there will more than one reference to the Boston bombing on Patriots Day, giving the Bruins a little more motivation (then again the Yankees weren't able to win the World Series against the Diamondbacks following 9-11). I'm taking heart and destiny over scoring. Pittsburgh proved last year they aren't tough enough mentally despite their skills. Is one year really enough time to challenge one of the toughest, most resilient teams of this generation? Once push comes to shove the Bruins can will themselves to victory, as they did against the Maple Leafs. Chara and Seidenber were able to shut down the Sedin brothers and Alex Burrows in 2011, and they will do the same against Pittsburgh. [Read more]
Now I’m not saying that I’m some kind of Nostradamus or something, since I have a pretty unpredictable track record with predictions. After all, even though I predicted that the Facebook IPO would be a train wreck, I also predicted that Peyton Manning would be signed by the New York Jets (who knew they would sign a third-string quarterback instead!) However, that didn’t stop me from making 13 predictions for this two thousand and thirteenth year after the death of Christ. From Twinkies to Lanc... [Read more]