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The Weekly Toast 2/24/12

February 24, 2012
THIS WEEK: This isn't Sparta...winner take all...Debauchery Is Back... • After being banned from appearing at the Oscars as his Dictator alter ego, Sacha Baron Cohen issued an ultimatum to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Zionists, death to America and good luck to Billy Crystalz. • Actor Gerard Butler of 300 fame entered rehab to cope with drug addictions developed while dealing with the physical demands of multiple takes of “This is Sparta!” This is Sparta! 300 at MOVIECL... [Read more]
Jeremy Lin’s recent rise from obscurity to the top of the sports world is a great story, but it pales lin comparison with the plethora of puns that the media and comedians are now unveilin. I’m not going to get linto the statistics and lintegers of Jeremy’s impressive week on the court, but right into the puns. Honestly, my co-workers advised me that all the good Lin puns have been used, but there is always room for linprovement. It’s like a disease, a contaglin – once you start you can’t sto... [Read more]

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