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MTV’s 30th annual Video Music Awards will air Sunday night, 8/24 in Southern California, and I’ve had to Google at least half the people being featured at the event. Lucy Hale, apparently of the reality show American Juniors and Pretty Little Liars, and Charli XCX (is that a new Charlie’s Angel?), British singer/songwriter, will host the pre-show, no doubt trying to avoid any media attention that will recall last year’s twerk-atastrophe. The Parents Television Council has already demanded that M... [Read more]
Miley Cyrus' recent episode of SNL began with the obligatory acknowledgement of what makes her relevant enough to host the show: her teddy-bear-, tongue-, and twerk-tastic performance on the MTV Video Music Awards and the outrage that followed. In a post-apocalyptic vision, the incident is compared to the government shutdown and the advent of Obamacare, which we wish were much more significant than a pop star's televised gyrations, but that's another discussion altogether. All is not lost But ... [Read more]

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VMAs Rock

August 31, 2011
This year’s MTV Video Music Awards show was mind-bogglingly strange and wonderful with a number of classy (I never thought I would see that word in the same sentence as MTV either) moments that together made for a more memorable experience than some of the other more hideous awards shows that have been making the rounds lately. Some of the highlights included Beyonce’s nonchalant unveiling of her baby bump after her performance, Tyler the Creator’s Best New Artist win and prof... [Read more]

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